Monday, October 6, 2014

The Wisdom Of Jacob

Sitting at the dinner table and having a conversation with Jacob present can lead to astonishing things.  You never know what is going to come out of that child's mouth. (And I mean in every way... good, bad, downright shocking!)

Tonight we were talking about my jewelry business (or lack thereof), Kerri's Kreations.
I was trying to decide how long to keep the website up, and I've decided to go through Christmas.  Everything will be 50% off until then.

When I told Doug that I would be shutting it down then, Jacob says, "Wait, mom...what do you mean? No more jewelry?"

I said, "Well, no.  Not after December."
Jacob: "Are you not selling anything?"
Me:  "Very little."
Jacob {without missing a beat!} "Well, mom, maybe you need to do something different.  You know, you have like this box, {and he's shaping a box with his hands on the table} and there's all this stuff in it.  Maybe it's time to set THAT box aside and grab *this* one." {And he pretends to set aside the one and grab another.}  "You know, do something new."

Where the heck???

Then there was the conversation last week in which I was trying to convince Doug to go to our church's Men's Conference.  In reading the description, it might as well have said, "Specifically made for all the things Doug loves to do."  I mean, hunting, fishing, shooting, all that manly man kind of stuff.

So I ask Doug to read it...which he does.  I ask him if he might enjoy going to something like that.  He said no.  I said, come on, be serious for a minute.  Tell me ONE thing you would enjoy about this weekend if you went.  What does he say? "Coming home."

I know he doesn't like leaving me alone with Jacob over night, but I'd figure something out.  I really want him to go to this!  So I say, really...seriously...please tell me ONE thing that you would like about going....shooting?  You'd enjoy that wouldn't you?"

Jacob, in all his 8 year old wisdom says the following:
"Mom. If you crank that rope any tighter it's going to snap and the boat is just going to sail away."


I said, "What?  What are you talking about?"  I had an idea, but couldn't imagine that my child, (brilliant tho he may be) could make such a complex analogy!

So he said, "You know, say there's a crank on a sailboat.  If you keep cranking and keep cranking and keep cranking, the rope is going to snap, the sail is going to fall and the boat will just fly across the lake."

I said, "Okay....but why did you say that?  What were you trying to get at?"

Jacob {waving his hands dramatically}:  "You know, when you encourage someone just the right amount they might do something you want them to.  But if you put too much pressure on them, they'll be sure to not do it."

He put so much emphasis on those words.  I was like, where on earth do you get this from?  This kid is amazing!  I still do a mental jaw drop when I think of that conversation.

So just be prepared when you come to my house for dinner.  You never know what problem lil ol' Confucius might solve for ya!

WAIT..... What?!?!?

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