Saturday, August 4, 2018

Book Review: Hope of Nations by John S. Dickerson

This book is a must read for Christians everywhere, but very specifically, for Western Christians.  John S. Dickerson is an investigative journalist turned pastor and author.  He makes some compelling arguments in his book, Hope of Nations.

We are in what is coined a "Post-Truth" era.  We are also in a Post-Christian era. For hundreds of years, America prospered under mostly Christian leadership.  Colleges and universities like Harvard and Oxford were established for higher Christian education.  Those same institutions are now nothing but indoctrination stations.  A young, impressionable college student goes in, and a Post-Truth, Post-Christian, indoctrinated young adult comes out.

The most frightening statistic in this book (to me personally) is that in the year 2020, 18-29 year olds will favor Socialism over Capitalism by 19%.  That age group will also be the largest voting block in the 2020 elections.  Socialists! Think Karl Marx.  Stalin.  Hitler.  Yes, Hitler.

So what exactly is a Post-Truth society?  Well, "Every year the experts at Oxford Dictionaries pick a word of the year.  Recently, they chose Post-Truth as the single word that best summarizes American and European culture now.  They noted that our society now defines truth by feelings rather than facts." (from the book, page 13-14, emphasis mine.)  So whatever you FEEL, you act on.  Post-Truth thinkers will define what is "right" by whatever they may be feeling at the time. 

In a Post-Truth society, there is no absolute truth.

That. Terrifies. Me.  I don't know about you.

(I will be writing more blog posts about this book, but since I received this book at no cost in return for my fair and honest review this is my official review.)

Okay, so what do we do about all this?  If you are a Christian, do you go bury your head in the sand?  Do you act like Chicken Little and run around telling everyone the sky is falling?  Absolutely not.  We stand.  We stand on the undeniable reality of the Word of God.  We root ourselves and our families in the Truth of Scripture.  We teach our children the way they should go.

Most of all, we need to PRAY.  Pray for our nation, its leaders, and its youth.  We need to LOVE everyone, all of the time, even (especially?) those who persecute us.  We stay calm, we do good, and we STAND fearlessly for our Faith.

Beloved, now more than ever we need to be attending church, gathering with like-minded people and praying.  We need to SHOW people that Christians aren't bigoted, racist, homophobic Bible thumpers who spew hatred for those unlike ourselves.

If you are a believer in the God who created this world and His incarnate son, Jesus Christ, you need to read this book. Not so that you can be afraid, but so that you can be prepared to fight.

You can purchase this book on amazon here or at your local Christian book store.

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