Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Computer Still Down

My computer is offically dead.  Well, it's pretty much unusable.  So I'm at my husband's work trying to do the gabillion things I have to do in another 5 minutes.  

I had the worst pheresis treatment yet on Monday.  Ug.  I even had a good was just "one of those days" I suppose.  My arms are SO beat up.  It took an hour and a half to get both lines placed and working.  My left arm wasn't so bad, but  my left one....three different pokes.  HIDEOUS.

I felt like I got run over by a bus is much better, but my allergies are kicking my butt.  At least it better be allergies.  If I get a cold NOW, I'm going to kick someone's butt.  Dont' know who, because I probably got it at the hospital on Monday...but whatever.

Hopefully I will have a new computer soon! Or at least mine will be fixed!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Second Anniversary Gift

So FINALLY.  Sheez. Computers.  Gotta love em, gotta hate em.
ANYWAY....this was my second anniversary gift this year...WOW!!!  It's AMAZING!!!  Blue and pink topaz with tanzanite.  LOVE!!!!

11 Years

Note: my computer has been on the fritz and I've been trying to post this for DAYS!!!!

The year 2000 was a very eventful year, to say the least.

I got engaged.

I got sicker than I ever have been in my life.

I had to quit my job.

I got married.

I was hospitalized, flown by helicopter to the U of M where I spent the better part of the last 3 months of the year, only to be discharged with a probably diagnosis of bulbar palsy, which was degenerative and terminal.

HOWEVER:  let's just focus on the good stuff!  First of all, it was NOT bulbar palsy, and I am not dead. : )  (Or a degenerate, as some of you may wonder!)

But best of all, 11 years ago yesterday, I got married.  I'm a day late on my post because I was getting pheresis on my anniversary.  Lovely, yes.  But when ya need pheresis, ya get pheresis.  I've gotten it on my birthday, Doug's birthday, ya know...all the good times.

So to my husband of 11 years:

We have indubitably had our ups and downs,
None of which made you flinch.
I can only imagine had I married sooner
I'd have found myself in quite a pinch!

When you found out that I might die,
You cried right along with me.
And when we realized I would stay,
You were as happy as could be.

I know I've thanked you in the past
For staying in my life.
But I couldn't let this day go on
Til I proclaim that I'm your wife.

We are not perfect, you and I
But together we make sense.
You keep me grounded (most of the time)
And I get you outside your fence.

So to you my love, my life, my friend,
I pledge my remaining years.
I'll love you more and more each day
Until time disappears.

Happy Anniversary honey!!

And THESE are what he surprised me with:
I had seen these at an antique store while we were there getting beads.  Gorgeous!!! 
He got me one other thing that I can't seem to get to post, so I will try a separate post.  UG.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Two Down, One To Go

Well, thankfully yesterday I got a full treatment in.  I had Nervous Nellie, but she wasn't as nervous as before.  Not quite.  The BEST thing was that she got the needles in right away, one poke apiece, and that I got the whole treatment.  The WORST thing is that I was there for over 3 hours.  Good Lord the woman ran me slow.  The longer it takes the worse I feel.  I don't know why.  Just like I can't figure out why the "new" centrifuge machines that are supposed to be more efficient and actually take out more of my plasma percentage wise, make me feel worse instead of better.

Then I get word that they are getting ALL new machines, and getting rid of the old ones.  Doug was immediately like: what are they gonna do with the old ones?  I could see his wheels turning.

Seriously, cool would it be to have my very own pheresis machine, and get a nurse to come here and do it in my own home?  One can dream....

Anyway....I'm pretty wiped out.  DRAINED you might say (ar ar, pheresis humor).  The bruise on my arm from Wednesday is pretty nasty, and my whole arm still aches.  But alas, comes with the territory.  This pic is from today, 3 days later.

So that's it for today and tomorrow, and then Monday is the last treatment til the middle to end of October. Yay for that.

Drumroll Please....The Winner Is:

Congratulations to PAM!!!  She is the winner of the My Memories Suite 2.0 digital scrapbook program!

Remember, even if you didn't win, you can use this code: STMMMS24881 to get $10.00 off the program, PLUS get a $10.00 coupon for their store.  It really is a cool program, so check it out.

And once again, congratulations, Pam!!!

(Oh, I forgot to mention that I used the random number generator at to pick the winner).

Thursday, August 25, 2011


It's that time again...Plasmapheresis 3 times in 6 days.  Only problem is yesterday was the first one, and they blew a vein.  I only have 2 veins in the arm that blew the one, so if they can't stick the other one, I'm hosed.  My OTHER arm only has ONE good vein for

It's weird, the treatment was going great...the sticks didn't hurt when they went in, then all of the sudden, when there were only 1 1/2 bottles left, I started getting this excruciating pain in my right arm (the return arm).  Somehow either the vein blew, or the needle dislodged itself somehow, because the return (my blood with the untainted albumin, or plasma) arm was not getting fluid pushed into the tissue instead of the vein.

Let's just say that there is NOT supposed to be fluid being pushed into tissue.  Kind of like trying to add a liter of fluid to an enclosed watermelon.  Hurts like a mother.  The WORST part is that yesterday was treatment number ONE.  Ugh.  NOT looking forward to tomorrow.  So far the bruise is about the size of a golf ball, and it's getting bigger.   It's starting to really ache as well.  Lovely.

My computer has been acting up since Sunday, so that's why I haven't posted as much as usual.  I had to go back to the oldest version of my data card and it was super slow and didn't work have the time.  I had a gazillion viruses on this thing, then today I find out someone from Luxembourg of all fricken places hacked into my email via skype the ONE time I tried to use it.

I mean seriously people?  Let's hack into a chronically ill person's computer and screw with the one social avenue they have.  Jackwagons.

Monday, August 22, 2011


Ug.  Yesterday was one of "those" days.  I felt okay physically, but along with a chronic illness comes emotional and mental stress.  One of the WORST things about chronic illness is that it is so isolating by nature.  It's not really anyone's just is.

Doug and Jacob were outside all day in the sunshine (which is too warm for me and makes me itch), and I was once again stuck in the house.  Doug says, "Well, what do you want to do today?  Why don't you come out by us?"  Which would mean going out and sitting in the shade somewhere, being swarmed by bugs (I must emit a pheromone that attracts every insect within a country mile...they LOVE me), watching Doug and Jacob do things I can't. thanks.  I don't need salt in the wound.

So yes, I had a big ol' pity party.  I bawled most of the day, wondering why I have 2 wonderful ladies in my life that come once a week, and that's about it.  I don't see anyone else really regularly.  Weekends really stink because everyone is doing stuff with their families, and mine is outside.  Yesterday I just needed someone with skin on.  Someone to come to my house just to visit me.  I'm not contagious.  I don't have cooties.  I needed a hug and someone to tell me that they love me just the way I am.  Bug-hating, sunshine-itching, allergic-to-the-world, chronically-sick ME.  Even thinking about it again gives me a big ol lump in my throat.

I am an extrovert.  I love people.  But it appears that people don't love me....or as my ever-so-positive- hubby says, "they love me....from a distance." Nice.  It just seems that I used to have a lot of friends.  I could call a handful of people and say, "Hey wanna go out for lunch?"  Now, it's just me.  And Jacob.  And for a few hours on Tuesday, Karen and Kerry.

I'm thankful for a dear MG friend who gave me an "I hear you" letter, and a gentle but swift kick in the pants.  My kinda gal.  Thanks CindyLou. 

Anywho.  I'll stop whining now.  I just want people to understand that sometimes the PHYSICAL part of chronic illness is the LEAST painful.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Memories Software Giveaway!

How exciting is this??  I have NEVER used any digital scrapbooking software, and I was asked to do a giveaway from My Memories!  So I got to download the software, and now one of YOU gets to win it as well.  I have seen digital scrapbooking done, but I'm still a paper and sticker kinda girl.  But I have to say, this was really easy to use!
Look what I made!
I totally made a little mini-album of Jacob's birthday this year.  And honestly, once I decided what template to use, it only took about 15 minutes.  I couldn't believe it!

Now, for the BEST part!  You can sign up to WIN this software!  For your first entry, go to My Memories website and pick out your favorite digital paper pack or background.  Then leave a comment on this blog with your favorite product.

For an additional entry, you can "like" their facebook page.  Then leave a separate comment telling me you liked them on facebook (with your facebook name:  I promise I won't stalk you!)

Not only can you win the entire software download, if you BUY the My Memories Suite Scrapbook software, you will get a $10.00 discount, PLUS a $10.00 coupon for the gift store by using this code STMMMS24881.

So go to the My Memories Suite and get the My Memories Suite v2.0 and use that code above for $10.00 off!  Plus then you will get a coupon for an additional $10.00 merchandise.  What a great deal!

 The winner will be chosen Friday, August 26th at 5:00PM EST.  GOOD LUCK!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Reflecting Him...A Review on Prayer

I have come to the end of my Bible study, Reflecting Him, by Carla McDougal.  I'm kind of sad!  It's like coming to the end of a remarkable book.  You love it because you've made it through, but you're kind of sad to see it end.

I have more than one review left, however...there's just too much to share!  In week five, Carla talks about prayer as she goes through the rooms of her house. Regarding the kitchen, she says:  "God desires our prayers to be thorough, as if we were helping to prepare a feast. You know, the kind that requires cutting, chopping, measuring, stirring, heating, cleaning, etc.  When we seek the Lord with all of our heart, He will guide us in how to pray.  When we labor in prayer, it requires our time, energy, devotion, stillness, love, selflessness, and listening skills." pg. 94, Reflecting Him.

Now I don't know about you, but that's a Bible study for 10 weeks right there!  My goodness what a power packed paragraph!  I have spent time making a meal like that...chopping, measuring, all that.  And that's not easy for me with my hands. 

I suppose really getting into laborious prayer isn't easy either.  But things that come too easy in life aren't appreciated, in my humble opinion.  My Momma always told me to pray specifically.  Not like "God bless so and so", but to really pray specifically for that person and their needs.  If they are going to a job interview, pray that if it is God's will they will have favor with the interviewer.  That they get the job if that is their place in God's plan.  That they wake up refreshed that morning, that traffic isn't a nightmare, all the little details.

One more thing I must mention:  During this week I came across a footnote in the Life Application Study Bible (which I highly recommend) from 1 Kings 8:  "For 480 years after Israel's escape from Egypt, God did not ask them to build a temple for Him.  Instead, he emphasized the importance of His Presence among them and their need for spiritual leaders.  It is easy to think of a building as the focus of God's presence and power, but God chooses and uses people to do His work.  He can use you more than He can use a building of wood and stone.  Building or enlarging a place of worship may be necessary, but it should NEVER take priority over developing spiritual leaders." (emphasis mine)

Can I get an AMEN?!?  Our ability to communicate with God and make Him the center of our lives has nothing to do with "buildings of wood and stone."  I know this is a tender spot for me, and I guess I'm a bit up on my soap box, but as Carla McDougal talks about in Week 5 of Reflecting Him, your HOME is your prayer sanctuary.  It is far more important to know God and seek Him while He may be found than it is to make sure your church building in spotless and shiny. 

I just wish people would really understand what is important.  Feed the hungry.  Take care of the widows and orphans.  That's His message.  That's my message.  It should be ALL Christians' message, denominations aside, fancy buildings aside, fancy clothing aside, money aside:  we are CALLED to take care of the least of these. 

And it all starts in your home.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Latest Kreations from Kerri

Jewel tone silver hoop earrings with feather charms $12.00
Blue and pink Pandora-style bracelet fits 7-8 1/2" wrist $40.00
Purple Pandora-like bracelet fits 7-8 1/2" wrist $40.00
Pink and black Pandora-like bracelet fits 7-8 1/2" wrist $40.00

Trying To Catch Up

My word.  If my brain was not securely encased in bone it would surely leap from my head from sheer frustration and overload.  It's like at any one time I'm trying to think of, organize, reflect, and orchestrate 25 different things.  Having 4 days of celebrating an only child's 5th birthday didn't help.

Saturday was the party at Grandma and Papa's house.  Sunday we chilled out here but let Jacob open his presents.  Monday Doug took the day off and we went fishing in South Haven. Didn't catch a thing, but checked out a few shops (didn't buy anything but fudge and fancy dog biscuits).  OH, and of course I found a bead store.  Then we stopped at the Dutch Farm Market (yummy), Jacob played on the playground, and was SUPPOSED to go to bed early.  But NOOOOOO, Daddy wanted to do fireworks.

So the NEXT day, at his kid party with 6 of his cousins, he was a mess.  A crying, whining, overly tired, overstimulated mess.  And I got to deal with it.  Thank GOD for Karen and Kerry. 

Even right now I've got like 10 blog posts running through my head.  Little Caesars didn't put our order in (I CALLED AHEAD so it would be READY!!) so Kerry had to wait, and Karen and I had to distract 7 crazy hungry children for 20 extra minutes.

I'm trying to up my page rank for my blog for google (something I didn't even know existed til recently) and I can't figure out what the heck I'm doing.  Computer programming is from the pit of hell.  I literally gave myself a migraine trying to read code and figure out what the %$#!& I was supposed to do with it.  I think I might have even broken out in hives.  Palpitations for sure.  Thankfully, God has blessed me with Kate, blog designer and programmer extraordinaire, who is helping me. (Her button 2711 Designs is on the side of my blog).

I've got pictures I want to post.

I've got a budget from hell I'm trying to figure taxes are due...HUGE electric bill threw me all off schedule last month....I'm about to go insane....I'm trying to start/run/increase a business, and haven't had time or energy to do so.

I've got the usual doctors, HSA, health issues, prescriptions, appointments, etc to keep up on (no small task in and of itself), and a million other things running around my head like little mouse feet. Scurry, scurry, scurry.  I've got book reviews to do, a Bible study to finish, turkeys to corral, dogs to take care of, a child to homeschool, raise, teach right from wrong, make eat good food, etc., dinners to make, oh yeah, and then there's this thing called MG.

Ok.  I'm going to go now and try to figure out how to organize all of this stuff without losing what's left of my mind.  Thanks for reading!!!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Jacob

My precious, precious boy.  You are 5 years old today.  I can hardly believe it.  You are getting so grown up and it makes Mommy so happy to see you growing tall and strong and healthy.  But at the same time I want you to stop and stay little and want to cuddle with your Mommy every morning forever.

I will never forget the first moment I saw you.  I was so weak I couldn't do anything but whisper. But they lifted you over the curtain, and I saw your chubby cheeks and your crazy, thick, black curly hair and I smiled the biggest smile ever.  And I cried the happiest tears of my life.

But you were very sick, and Mommy was so weak I didn't get to hold you until the next day.  You had to have oxygen and a feeding tube. It made me very sad.  Then you had to go on a ventilator, and Mommy was just beside herself.  You had what Mommy has (MG) but only for a while.  It would go away and never come back, but waiting was the hardest thing ever.  I was the only one to hold you every single day.  Mommy had to leave you in the hospital every day and it was the hardest thing I've ever had to do.

We FINALLY got to take you home, exactly 5 weeks after you were born.  You were such a good baby.  You slept all night almost right away, and you only cried when you were tired, hungry, or needed your diaper changed.  You just watched, observed.  You loved bright shiny things, and you took everything in.  You were kind of somber and quiet, (Mommy thinks your cheeks were too heavy for you to lift at first!) but when you smiled and giggled my heart just melted.

You grew and grew, and were so healthy.  That was the best news for Mommy.  And now you are five. You are smart and strong and beautiful.  You are crazy and wild and tender all at the same time.  You are the best of your Daddy and me.  You are ALL boy, but yet you have such a tender heart and compassion for all things.

I hope for you that you keep growing up strong, and that you keep loving God and Mommy and Daddy as much as you do today.  Remember that loving God and listening to Him is more important than anything else in the whole world.

I could not possibly be more proud of you than I am.  Your smile melts my heart.  Your eyes make me cry.  When you squeeze my neck and give me the best hug ever, all is right with the world.

I can't imagine how I ever took a breath without you in my life.  It's hard to even remember life without you in it.  You are my very special, precious boy.  You are the most perfect gift I've ever received.  I will love you forever and ever....and always.

Happy Birthday my darling boy.  Mommy is so proud of you.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Advertising Agency?

I have to admit, I have never thought of advertising agencies and the internet.  I think of big corporations, big product lines, like make up or perfume or clothing lines.  I think of movies like "Big."  I think of people sitting around a table in business suits hashing out multi-million dollar deals. 

Then I saw this Advertising Agency.  Or should I say THAT! advertising agency!  There are unique to say the least.  I checked out their video, and they definitely do not "fit the mold" of my idea of stuffy people in suits in board meetings!

Now that I have started a business online, this is something I need to seriously look into.  I am not a tech-savvy person; anyone who really knows me knows that all too well! I do have a facebook page, and with the help of my blog designer, it's even a cute facebook page.  At first I thought, "What is a facebook page really going to do?"  Then I read a statistic that absolutely blew my mind:  According to a Nielsen report (you've heard of the Nielsen Ratings for TV?) 90% of people "somewhat trust" or "completely trust" a business, service, product, that is recommended by someone they are connected to on social media.

That's a higher percentage of recommendation that any other category.  That is huge!  And the beauty of THAT! Advertising Agency is that they use mixed-media advertising, which can cover print, TV, radio, and internet.  I am honestly going to check into this advertising agency further.  I am serious about growing my business and in turn educating people about myasthenia gravis, so this may be something worth investing in.

This is a sponsored post.

Friday, August 12, 2011

And The Winner Is.....

MARCIE!!  Comment number 12.  Congratulations!
I sent you an e-mail, Marcie, with all the info.  Stay tuned, because 
I'll probably have more giveaways coming up!

And There Was Rejoicing In The Land...Until

So two nights ago I got the best night's sleep I've had in a long, long time.  I was on the vent, I was using an infant face mask from a blue ambu-bag with a Shiley neck band wrapped around it, and it worked!  It stay right flush up against my neck., and didn't leak.  It didn't touch the trach either.  Whoo to the Hoo!!

Then last night I only make it til 2:10 on my vent...the pain was killing me.  My trach is totally raw again.  I guess I'm allotted one good, pain-free night of sleep every month or so.  Lucky me!  I'm seriously like falling asleep while I type.  All of the sudden I'm typing and I "snap out of it" to focus on the screen and I just wrote, "Because they didn't know Kayla's real Daddy was 6'4".  I swear. to. you. I. Just. Wrote. That.  In the middle of THIS post!  What is going on???? I don't know anyone named Kayla who has a "real" Daddy who is 6'4".  Is this what going crazy is??

Remember how I had to re-qualify for oxygen by doing an overnight pulse ox for Medicare?  Yeah. I ended up doing 3 of them all told.  THEN I had to go to the doctor's office and do a walking test to qualify for PORTABLE oxygen. (The metal tanks).  Seriously??  I mean, hello, I have an incurable neuromuscular disease.  I was prescribed oxygen by a neurologist.  But that's not good enough for you?  Kiss my lily white butt.  Who do YOU think you are telling me what number my oxygen has to be at to qualify?  All this over a few tanks of oxygen, when I already have a concentrator at night?

THEN I had to get re-certified for my "life support" discount at Consumer's Energy.  It used to be a percentage of your bill, now it's like $5.00 a month.  It's barely even worth it.  What a joke.

So I get that done, and then the Airway guys calls me again and tells me I need to do a walking test AGAIN, this time ON oxygen.  I was like, "You ARE kidding, right?  RIGHT??"  Nope.  So yet again....Oh my gosh I'm "this" close to losing it.  What part of INCURABLE do you not get??  What part of "desaturation below 80" do you not understand?  What the hell do they know about MY health?  I'm so sick of jumping through these ridiculous hoops!

Then of course, there's the government "extra benefits" thing.  I was directed to a website when you can type in all your information regarding age, disability, income, what you need help with, etc.  So I made it very clear that I was under 60, yet disabled to the effect that it hinders my lifestyle.  I can't always take care of myself, let alone my son!

So after 30 minutes of filling out this form, do you want to know what I qualify for?  This is rich:  The National Parks And Federal Recreational Lands Access Pass.  So I can get discounts on National Parks. You know, many of which you go to to hike, camp, hunt, whatever.  Maybe some White Water Rafting down the Colorado? Oh, how about hiking down the Grand Canyon?  No, I got about camping in Yellowstone, at 7,500 feet where the air is super thin, and while I'm at it, I'll climb Eagle Peak!

Yes.  This is how much sense the government makes.  I'm asking for help with child care and home health, and I get offered a free recreational parks pass. 

About as useless as %$^# on a boar hog.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Don't #$#!$# at me!

So today I'm linking up with the WORLD famous Mama Kat's writing workshop. She sends out prompts and every Thursday you can link up.  I always WANT to do this, but it seems like I always remember on like, Saturday.

So the prompt I chose was an opinion post (I know, me? Express my opinion?  Really?).  Anyway, the assignment is to write about how I feel about cussing in blog land. Acceptable? Unacceptable? Do I keep reading?

The short answer is that it is unacceptable, and I do not keep reading.  And it's not just because I'm a Christian.  I love the Lord, and yes, I still curse sometimes.  I am FAR from perfect.  I know I've even cursed on my blog. I just think having it as a regular part of speech is tacky.  I'm talking about taking the Lord's name in vain, dropping the "f" bomb every other sentence, and things like that.

I do not write "professionally" on my blog; but I try not to offend anyone.  I don't always stick to perfect grammar, after all, it is MY blog.  I'm not a stickler for punctuation rules, and I use as many exclamation marks as I want, thank you very much!!!  And I KNOW that annoys some people.  But I don't think it's the same of offending someone by using foul language.

And it's kind of a bummer, because I have stumbled on some really. good. blogs. that I just couldn't keep reading because the language was SO foul.  So there you have it.  My opinion.  I'm sure many will disagree; that what makes the world go 'round.  I won't even say it's "unprofessional":  Just because you have a blog doesn't mean that you are a professional writer, or even claim to be. However, surely you can find other adjectives other than "f" bombs.

Thanks for the awesome ideas every week Mama! 
Now YOUR turn.....go to Mama's Losin' It and link up!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Kerri's Kreations Presents

Pretty blue hoop earrings 1 1/2" $7.00
1 1/2" pink heart charm earrings.  $8.00
Medical Alert Bracelets $35.00

I am making Medical Alert Bracelets.  The heart charms have swarovski crystals around them.  The bracelets are made from Czech Preciosa glass crystals (clear) and colored Swarovski crystals (your choice of color).  The Medical Alert symbols are NOT engraved so you will need to get them engraved.  I purposely ordered them blank because we all have different things to put on them.  Let me know if you'd like one, and I will make it for you!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

First Craft Show

Okay, so it's not until November, but I'm pretty excited about it.  Doug and I have done craft shows before, and it wasn't terribly successful for the amount of work we had to do.  Doug makes beautiful items out of wood.  He makes picture frames, bookshelves, gorgeous jewelry boxes, and even wooden riding horses for kids.  The problem we encountered was that people want something for nothing.  They didn't want to spend $50.00 on a hand-made oak bookcase when they could get a "$20 dollar wood shelf at Wal-Mart."  Like that's wood.  More like wood pulp smashed together.

But anyway, this will be different because for one thing, it's jewelry, so it's small and lightweight and not much work to set up.  I'm excited and nervous, and just want to do well.  I'm going to have signs up about MG and MG Awareness, and of course, 10% of everything sold will go to the Great Lakes Chapter of the MGFA.

I'm hoping to have fun, spread awareness, make a little money, and be able to donate to the MGFA to help others.

Oh, and don't forget to comment on my 700th blog post if you want to win a bracelet of your choosing!

I'll keep you posted on the craft show...if you are local, it's going to be at Plainwell High School on November 19.  Now I need to get cracking on making some jewelry!

Looking For Cars?

Are you looking for a new or used car?  How about checking out a Honda Dealer? You can check out all the different types available at this Chicago Honda Dealer.  

If I were to buy a brand new Honda, I would pick the Pilot EX-L.  However, I would probably not buy a NEW car, so I would go for a used Honda, like this Acura MDX.

I've had the new car verses used car argument before, and for me, it's used, or "pre-owned" if you'd rather.  You can still get an awesome warranty.  Since I like driving bigger vehicles now, it's more economical for me to purchase a pre-owned vehicle.

This is a sponsored post.

Friday, August 5, 2011

So Here We Are...At 700!

I didn't know 700 wouldn't feel old!  

I am celebrating today!!  This marks my 700th blog post. I'm so excited.  I first have to thank my dear friend Joanna, who convinced me to start blogging.  What an adventure this has turned out to be!

So....without further celebrate my 700th post, I am doing a giveaway!  YAY!  I will be giving away one of my custom made bracelets. 

So here's what you do:  Go to Kerri's Kreations, on facebook, (you can like it if you want to, that's not a requirement) and then leave a comment ON MY BLOG and tell me what you like best! Comments on my facebook page are lovely, but they will not count in the giveaway.

One entry per person (makes it simpler for me!).  If you are the winner, I will contact you to get your wrist size, what colors you would like, and up to 4 charms to add if you would like.

***UPDATE***  I am very sorry for any inconvienence or misunderstanding....but the giveaway does NOT include the medical alert bracelets.  It's any other bracelet, including the MG bracelets, with up to 4 charms.  If you want a medical alert bracelet, I will take $15.00 off so it would only be $20.00.  So sorry for any misunderstanding!!!
Remember:  you need to leave the comment ON THIS BLOG POST in order to enter the contest.  Good luck! 

The winner will be chosen by random number generator next week Friday (August 12) at NOON EST.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Kamikaze Turkeys

It's been a while since we've had a turkey tale (you can decide if you want to read the other is hilarious and one is gross) You really should read the hilarious one, and even the gross one has funny parts, but it is gross.  So anyway.

We have a mulberry tree in our yard.  The turkeys LOVE mulberries.  (It would be funnier if it was a cranberry bush, but hey, I don't make it up, I just write it).  They're really funny to watch, because one will find a mulberry on the ground, and then 3 or 4 will make a MAD dash toward the one eating.  

Well, eventually the mulberries ran out.  Our turkeys somehow realized there was a mulberry tree across the road.  So we had the same issue we had with previous free-range turkeys...they like to cross the road.  

My friend Tracy was up here from Florida at this time, and one afternoon we were watching the turkeys go across the road, and she said, "Why don't the chickens cross the road?"  I just kind of looked at her and she said, "Is there a joke in there somewhere?"

Bada -bum.

So.  Doug decided he would put up a string fence to keep the turkeys in.  Supposedly, they would see the fence, and their little bird brains would think they couldn't continue.  Well, next time someone calls you a bird-brain, take it as a compliment.

The Leader of the Turkeys, a large male, just stomped right through it.  And where the Leader goes, the rest of the flock follows.  So Doug went to the farm store and got a light-weight electric fence.  Surely this would stop the Leader of the Turkeys. 

{crickets chirping}


So he goes BACK to the farm store and gets the same kind of electric fence as we use for the cows.  This stuff will give you a good shock.  So this is fence number 3.

Face off:  the Leader of the Turkeys vs. my husband.  The Leader scratches at the ground, gobbles, and charges.  Right. Through. The. Fence.  (With a very loud squawk.)

So my hubs, not to be outdone, soaks the ground all around the fence.

Leader of the Turkeys scratches the ground, gobbles, charges, and again:  right through the fence.

By this time, I can see the steam coming out of Doug's ears.  It was a bright sunny day, so he turned the hose on the turkeys (the Leader getting the worst of it).  Wet turkeys + wet ground+ electric fence=fried turkeys.  Right?

Nope.  The dang birds sat in the bright sunlight, patiently just waiting until they were dry.  And they went at it again.

Soon, however, the Leader of the Turkeys must have gotten a pretty good jolt.  Because now, they don't even go past OUR mulberry tree.

Who knew we'd be playing Survivor in our yard?  And with TURKEYS no less?!?  But my McGuyver did it.


(Regardless, come October, he would have been the Sole Survivor anyway!!)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Little Better?

Not too much going on today...checking into a lot about homeschooling.  Signed up for the HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense).  "Talked" with a friend via e-mail who gave me lots of inspiration and encouragement.  I was kinda freaking out about how I was going to be able to homeschool Jacob with all the crud I have to deal with, and she just kinda calmed me down.  It's a lifestyle, really.  Homeschooling.  It's not as much about textbooks as it is about character.  Diana (my friend) and I both agree that it's more important to raise men of integrity and good character than geniuses.  But we'll take both!

Still working on the vent transition.  Hopefully now I'm done with all the requalifying bull-oney that I had to do and can concentrate on how to not shred my trach stoma while I sleep.  Oh the joys of chronic illness.

I'm applying for my first craft show in Plainwell in November...I'm excited and nervous.  I'm hoping to do well, but with craft shows you never know.  I'll keep you posted.

I'm also going to be switching to WordPress I think next month.  They seem to have more benefits for me as far as "being found" and stuff like that.  We shall see.

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to all of you who comment either on here, or on my facebook links, or send me encouraging e-mails.  You have NO IDEA how much I appreciate it.  Sometimes I think it literally saves my life. post 700 is quickly be prepared to sign up for my giveaway!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Ain't no sunshine here today folks.

I'm angry today, and I don't care who knows it.

I'm angry at this stupid disease.

I'm angry because it's the 32nd day of wicked humidity and heat and crappy weather that makes my body limp as a rag doll and weak as a noodle.

I'm angry because selfish people talk about stupid things that don't matter 10 seconds from now let alone 10 years from now, when there are people suffering all over the world that would give a million dollars to have YOUR "problems."

I'm angry because young lives end too soon.

I'm angry because other people are healthy and take it for granted.  What I wouldn't give for ONE WEEK without MG.  

I'm angry because so many people are rude and judgemental and make me CRAZY with their whining about having nothing to wear or their hair doesn't lay right or they don't like the color of their eyes, while other people literally fight for their lives every single day.  Well try dealing with having to always buy new clothes because your medications and their side effects and a number of other medically related crappy issues make you gain weight over and over and over.  And how about those who are losing or have lost hair because of illness or medication?  And the color of your eyes?  Seriously?

I haven't seen my ankles since April.  And no one seems to be able to tell me why, except that it's the weather, it's the MG, it's the medication, I'm retaining fluid....

You know, I try to be upbeat.  I am usually an 90% optimist and hopey-lovey.  But today I'm just ticked off.  I just want to FEEL GOOD and NOT be in PAIN.  Is that so much to frickin' ask??  I have a doctor's appointment for something "normal" today, and it's going to be a flippin' Herculean effort just to get in the stupid van and go. Thank God I don't have to take Jacob with me.  But first I have to get in the shower.  I don't feel like I have the strength, but I don't really have a choice. (So I guess if you don't here from me for the rest of the day you can call the National Guard and give 'em directions to my place.)

So to whomever reads this (and this is not pointed specifically at any person, just things that I have been noticing recently from all over the place, and today it just overflowed).... Be thankful for what you have, would you please?

Monday, August 1, 2011

Horse Lady

Authored by Rickey Combs

There’s nothing I’d rather do then go to the stables and get my pony, Red, out and ride her. She’s got the prettiest coat and the most gentle gait and I just love everything about the time we get to spend together! I was put in charge of the stables in my neighborhood not long ago and I really whipped them into shape. I went to to get the utilities down and found a better and cheaper hay supplier just up the road so things are running a lot more smoothly around here. My neighbors love that I take care of their horses and I love that I get to interact with them all day! I can’t believe someone is actually paying me to do this and that I didn’t know this was a viable career option until now! I love horses and everything about them and I can’t believe I get to wake up each morning and go play with them – if I have advice it’s to find a way to do what you love.

This is a sponsored post.

Hot, Hot and More Hot

The weather has been hideous this month.  We're way over our "average" temps, then add in the humidity and you get BAD FOR MG weather.  I've left the house 3 times in the last 2 weeks.  I don't go out to get the mail.  I don't go out with Jacob.  This is getting old.  And there's not a lot of relief in sight.  August is supposed to be warmer than normal too.  Good thing I have my jewelry to keep me busy!!  

Don't forget...keep your eyes peeled for my giveaway for my 700th post.  Coming soon!