Thursday, October 9, 2008

Now what?

Oy vey.

First, I must thank my dear friend Joanna for 1. bringing dinner over last night (it was delicious!!) and 2. helping me get my "new look" on the blog. Do you like it?? I was so geeked about it I just stared at it for like 10 minutes. Of course the gorgeous picture of my little one helped, too! So thank you, Joanna, for being there for me...even when I KNOW you were so tired from your long day!!

Ya know, God has SO shown me the last few weeks that I don't HAVE to have the "security" of a church, the four walls, etc., to have Him take care of me by providing FANTASTIC friends. Friends that REALLY care, who will help me no questions asked. (Except, "what can I do??") Thank you ladies...I love you all!!!

My husband, the strong, amazing, Davy Crockett/McGuyver wrecked his back last week. Actually his back and hip. He was clearing sandbags from his workplace (it almost flooded a few weeks ago when we had tons of rain). His hip came out of the socket and wrenched his back as well. He has gone to the chiropractor every day...was diagnosed with a sprained hip. Nice. However, his chiro. is AMAZING. He came in on Saturday AND Sunday to give Doug a treatment...God Bless You Dr. Lou!!!

Anyway...thank God I had the surgery to enlarge the trach, because I do feel better, and I've had to do more around here...Doug has been in so much's awful. He's doing better, but he's still got a ways to go. And of course, his work-a-holic nature is FREAKING out because he can't chop wood and take air conditioners out and leap tall buildings in a single bound.

Well, if you're reading this honey, you're still Superman to me.


Kim said...

Kerri-I love the look! And yes, the best part is Mr. Jacob! What an adorable picture! Love the post, so true!

Love ya and I hope you have a great day! Enjoy the sunshine! :)

Leigh said...

The design is darling! In fact I let out an "awwww" when I saw it.

But of course Jacob steals the show! Those eyes, those cheeks, that hair...

Dina raved about him as well today after Bible study. We've decided in our expert opinions that he's a genius.

I'll be praying for McGuyver!

Joanna said...

It was that obvious I was dragging butt? :)

Glad you liked dinner. I felt so bad to watch Doug slowly gimp out to the kitchen. Then when I made him laugh I guess that sort of hurts his back. Oops.

Cutess moment was Jacob asking please. Drizzle that boy with chocolate - I could eat him with a spoon!!