Monday, October 27, 2008


One of the worst things EVER is disappointment. Even when I was younger, nothing was more bitter to me than being let down. Whether it be a person, cancellation of an event, weather problems, illness, whatever it was didn't really matter. What drove me crazy was just the fact that my plans weren't going to happen the way I wanted them to. (I can hear God chuckling!!)

So when I was diagnosed with MG, I learned a whole new level of disappointment. I was forever missing events, cancelling plans, just not physically able to attend or participate. With the MG, I used to rest a few days, even a week before something was happening that I really wanted to go to. I figured if I saved my strength, I would for sure be able to go. I found out that this was not necessarily true.

This happened with Linda ALL the time. I would plan on going over to her house, or out for lunch or something, and I would try to just rest ahead of time, not stress out, just relax, even if I felt good, and strong, and like I wanted to do something. And then the day would come and I would STILL feel like poo. Of course Linda being Linda was SO understanding, and I would usually be way more upset than she was.

So now, when I feel good, I go for it. I do something. I don't wait for a planned event. I put the event on my calendar to reserve the date, I may look forward to it, but I don't COUNT on it like I used to. And if I feel good the day before, I still do something, because I don't know what tomorrow holds. Case in point, I really wanted to start going to Bible study last night. Well, Friday I felt fantastic, so we went on a road trip (see below). Saturday, amazingly, I still felt good, so we did our grocery shopping. Sunday morning, I was tired, but felt okay. As the day progressed, I went downhill rather quickly. So I missed Bible study.

You know, though, we really ALL need to live for today. NONE of us are promised tomorrow. Don't wait til tomorrow to call that friend. Don't be afraid to say I love you. Don't wait til tomorrow to make SURE your kids know you think they are amazing. Don't wait to tell your husband that he is your hero. Don't wait to send that card, or make that visit. You may never have the opportunity again. You can never get back THIS moment. Don't waste it.

Carpe diem.

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Joanna said...

Aww. Glad you had a good time Friday. Bummed you missed Bible study.

Very good reminder!