Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sleep Deprivation

I've stated in an earlier post how I admire John McCain for his fortitude while being tortured daily in Vietnam. Approximately 2000 days in a row he was beaten, battered, and bruised. But he did not break.

I tell ya what. All I would need is to not sleep for a couple of nights, and I'd tell them anything if they helped me sleep!! (Although any tool or torture would assuredly get my gums flapping...I don't know HOW he did it.) I am NOT good on little sleep. Lately I have been waking up between 3 and 4 AM and not being able to go back to sleep. I lay there, too warm for comfort, tossing and turning, trying to get comfortable.

I sleep with oxygen and a compressor for moist air for my trach, and not only are they loud, they emit an IMMENSE amount of heat. So even in the winter, I sweat. I HATE sweat. Especially when I sleep. Then Doug crowds me or puts his 500 degree arm around me and I'm ready to jump! He's like a branding iron, I swear. His body temperature has GOT to be over 98. He radiates heat. You could probably roast a marshmallow over him.

Anyway, sleep deprivation is not great for the MG, or dealing with an extremely energetic 2 year old. Lord willing and the creek don't rise, we'll live to see another day!!


Joanna said...

Okay I've tried commenting on this twice and it wouldn't let me.

Spooky in blogland. What do you think trick or treat?

Leigh said...

I'm praying you sleep well tonight so you'll be well rested for Bible study tomorrow!

Can't wait to see you. :)