Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Not So Little Snowman

Very labor-intensive, this castle-building stuff!
We've been getting snow.  And LOTS of it.  And my child is in heaven.  He LOVES playing outside in the snow.
He loves fighting bad guys and building forts (so he has something to defend, of course!) and sledding and building snowmen.

He LOVES sledding with Daddy.  Doug gets on the big innertube, Jacob climbs on top of Doug, and off they go.
Then there's the long walk back up the hill.  Blackie leads the way, just like he does on the way down.  He runs in front of them, constantly looking back over his shoulder and barking the entire time.  It's hilarious.

Then he comes in, looking like a snowman himself!

I am not so crazy about winter because it's hard for me to go outside, but I LOVE it for my boy.  He just loves it.  And he's getting way too grown up way too fast.


Joanna said...

Man you guys DO have a lot of snow! None here. (Smiles evilly) But the last picture of Jacob? Priceless!

Debbie said...

This post really made me smile. You can tell he is having a BLAST! So cute!