Friday, November 15, 2013

I'm Back!

Hey everyone!  I am back!!

I have missed everyone...missed blogging.  But my hand took a LOT longer to recover from surgery than I thought.  So long that I cancelled my right hand (carpal tunnel), and I'm not even sure I'm going to get it done.  My left hand has numb spots, and I get some serious nerve pain once in a while.  I don't have to wear my brace at night anymore, so THAT'S awesome... But like I said, the recovery was a lot worse and took longer than I thought.  So we will just have to wait and see.

So what else is new... Jacob is 7.  Can't believe it!  He's amazing.  Brilliant.  Crazy.  LOUD.  Drives me crazy, but I love him so much it doesn't matter.  Can't imagine how DULL my life was before him!  He's so funny, and makes me laugh all the time.  Such a little man.

Doug and I are doing well... we celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary shortly after Jacob's birthday.

The MG is still a hideous monster.  It's a brutal, frustrating, unyielding, wicked disease with no cure.  I've been more symptomatic lately, but my stress level has been through the roof.  I'm homeschooling Jacob, and that is MORE than a full time job.  Then there's all the household goodness I take care of, my jewelry business (which has been pretty much in the tank this year....BUT Christmas is coming and I will be putting some gorgeous goodies on this weekend, so check out for those), other health stuff; had a little scare with a spot on my lung, but it's all good.  God's got me.

We have 3 cows, Oats, Hay and Hangar (a cut of steak).  Stay tuned for more stories from the farm.  My goodness, never a dull moment around here.  

I have a new writing opportunity in the works; more information will be coming soon on that, so stay tuned.  It's going to be AWESOME.  I've got some book reviews coming up, and of course, just some stories of life with MG.

We also, FINALLY, found a church to call home.  Covey Hill Baptist Church in Paw Paw.  It's really just past Gobles, but if you're not from about here, you're probably thinking where in the world...??  Anyway.  The most important thing is that we feel at home.  I love it.  Jacob loves it.  Doug loves it.  Our pastor is AMAZING.  What a gift from God that man has received!!  He is SO wise, so talented at speaking and sharing and teaching God's Word.  Love it!

So that's it for now.  Stay tuned, because there are exciting things coming down the pike! 

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Karen Mortensen said...

welcome back. Glad good things are coming your way.