Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Cow

So as many of you know, I live on a farm.  I was born in the city, raised in the city, went to college in the country (Indiana), thought I'd never survive among all that CORN, grew to love it, moved home, hated the traffic, grew used to it again, grew to LOVE "city life" again, loved going to BIG cities, grew to HATE big cities, moved to Egypt.  (Holy run-on-sentence, Batman!)

Well.  I am still not 100% used to farm life.  You all can read more about some tales from the farm, HERE and HERE for example.  There are others, but not as funny.  Some are very, very serious.

But the other day my friend Shawn and her sister Sandy were here cleaning.  They were in the pantry doing some pretty heavy-duty stuff and I thought the dogs should probably go out since it had been a while.  So I asked Jacob to let the dogs out... well he got about as far as the kitchen window, and said, "Um, mom?"

I was like, now what?!?  We had a hornet problem this summer (to be blogged about in the near future) so I was thinking maybe it was another hornet.  I looked out the window, and there was our "smallest" cow, Hangar aka "Little" Brown Cow, standing on the WRONG side of the fence!  I flipped out.

Thank the good Lord Shawn has been around large animals most of her life.  Me?  Not so much.  So she and her sister Sandy calmly go outside and "guarded" the cows.  She had called her husband Ron, and I called Doug.  I rambled something quite loudly about Little Brown Cow being between the house and the walnut tree and what do I do and can you get here NOW please?? 

When I saw the van pull in a millisecond later, I was thinking, I didn't know our van had Nitrous in it...  Doug came running in the house to get something and I was like, "I do NOT want to know how fast you were driving, do I?" He just looked at me.

In the meantime, Ron had gotten here with their daughter Tiffani, who works with horses, and Ron was like, "I think Doug passed me..."

Oy.  They got the bugger in without incident, but my goodness. NEVER a dull moment.

Sigh.  Stayed tuned for more tales from the farm!

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The Jammie Girl said...

LOL! This reminded me of an episode my husband still teases me about from back when we were dating. We were at my grandparents' farm, and a cow got across the cattle gate into the yard. My grandmother yelled out the back door for us to get the cow out of the yard - she hated it when they trampled her flowers. My city boy boyfriend looked at me with sheer terror. He had no intention of getting anywhere near that huge animal. I just rolled my eyes at him, and herded the stray cow back into the field with waving arms and yells. I don't think I've ever impressed him more ;)