Thursday, May 2, 2013

Jacob's First Game

I'm a horrible mother and didn't take my camera to Jacob's first game Monday night.  And I SO wish I had....  I should've taken a video camera.  I was so proud.  HE was so proud.  And he had so much fun....

He got his very first hit ever, in his very first game ever.  He had no idea what to do!  Everyone is yelling "Run!  Run!" (which they did with most of the kids on the team...) so Jacob, eyes as big as saucers, goes running down the first base line...holding the bat straight up and down and out to the side. 

Oh. My. Gosh.  It was SO stinkin' funny.  Everyone is like, "Drop the bat!  Drop the bat!"  But God bless him, he just ran all the way and got on base.  Then one of the coaches took the bat. :D  It was awesome.

He even got to run around ALL the bases and score for his team.  It was a shutout.  We won like 15-0.

But then last night we had our second game.  Even though it was 85 degrees and I was MG-weak, I went.  Thankfully there was a constant breeze.  Otherwise I don't know if I would have made it.  We played a much better team last night.  They had some GOOD hitters.  I think we lost 8-6, but it's hard to keep track when there's so much going on. 

It's like, you're watching your OWN kid to make sure he's not picking his nose or playing in the dirt, or sitting down in the kinda miss some of the other stuff.  I tell ya what though... How absolutely awesome to watch these kids playing and having a blast.  They are learning, they are having fun, and they're not all uber-competitive.  It's FUN.  Oh, and the coaches are FANTASTIC!  Super good guys teaching kids how to play, how to be good sports, and how to have fun.

Jacob is just hysterical out there....he half hops/skips/runs to his position (after he asks where left field is...)  But for a kid who has never played baseball in his life, I think he's doing pretty darn good.  Two games a week is crazy though.  And they added a practice tomorrow because the kids weren't exactly "on task" last night.

But I will be staying home for that one.  It's just really fun seeing Jacob interact with all the kids, making friends, and playing on a team.  I was a little nervous that he'd be freaked out, but he's doing great.  He's such a big boy....but he sure looks tiny out there in his uniform and little cleats!

So stay tuned for more Bad News Bears action.  I'm sure I'll have more stories to tell, and next time I won't forget my camera!

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