Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Baseball and Pheresis

That's my boy!

Now those are two things you always think of together, aren't they?

Yah.  Jacob had baseball practice last night...they all had to be in full uniform because they were getting team pictures done too (and of course individual if you wanted it....so I of COURSE got the key chain, the 5x7 (and one for you mom), the button, the team photo....)  Jacob is just SO stinking cute out there!  Half the time it's like the Bad News Bears.  But so precious.  (Except for Chuckie... see yesterday's post...)

But the kids are just darling.  There are a couple who are pretty good!  They can throw well... Jacob bats really well...and he's a lefty, so he's a good asset.  But of course I'm his mother, so I'm going to say that!

Tomorrow is pheresis.  I just start to feel better from the Hideous Illness that befell our family towards the end of MARCH...now, I get to go tomorrow to get all my blood sucked out and feel like crap so I can feel better again.  YAY ME!!

Or not.

Plus, Jacob is going to miss his last practice on Friday because I have an appointment in Grand Rapids, plus pheresis, so we'll never be back to Allegan by 6.  And his first game is Monday already!  They've only had a handful of practices because it's been so rainy....  But it will be fun.

They have a really great coach...Jacob loves to help him.  Got to talk to him a little bit about MG, as he asked what treatments I was receiving. (I told him Jacob wouldn't be there Friday because I'd be in the hospital in Grand Rapids.) He asked really intelligent questions, and it was cool to have just a casual but informative discussion about MG.  Spread the word!!

So I should be fine for Monday's game...Doug can push me in a wheelchair if not. I wouldn't miss it for the world!

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