Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Book Review

WHooo-Hoooo!!! Holy-Amazing-Book, Batman!!!

If you are a woman, and if you are married or engaged to be married...this book is a MUST READ in my opinion. It is called "For Women Only...What you need to know about the inner lives of men" by Shaunti Feldhahn. Holy smokes. It's been out for a while, so many of you may be like, you're a day late and a dollar short, kid. But for those of you, like me, who hadn't heard of it or read it....WHOA!

I can HONESTLY tell you that within 2 days of starting this book, my marriage had improved. All because of the change in MY thought process toward my husband. It's that amazing. The author did two professional surveys on a bunch of men from all backgrounds...married, single, church-goers, non-church-goers...and the results were remarkably similar. For example...I used to think that "romance" to men meant one thing: sex. The question asked on the survery asked men IF they took sex out of the equation, what would be more romantic: a candlelight dinner, sunset on the beach, etc., or getting out and "playing together," i.e., hiking, fishing, etc. The third option was that neither was romantic. Only 2% said neither was romantic. Fully 39%, a huge minority, said they thought romance was getting out and doing an activity together. The majority of men, 59%, thought a dinner by candlelight was romantic. Most men, however, also made the comment that a romantic evening doesn't feel complete without sex...you have to read the book to get all the nuances of that statement; otherwise I'd be typing for days!

So why on earth do they not do these things for us??? In another survey question, nearly half of the men who answered were unsure that we would like their romantic efforts. So, ladies, if your man attempts anything close to what you think HE THINKS is romantic....REWARD HIM! Tell him how much you appreciate it. And communicate! Tell him what you think is romantic... gracefully. Don't give him a directive, give him a hint.

Really, this is one of the best books I've ever read. The insight it gave me regarding the "inner lives of men" has almost completely changed what I think about how men think. And that includes my husband. Five stars on this one, girls. Pick it up!!!

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