Monday, June 8, 2009

Summertime....and the livin' AIN'T easy!

Between Jacob being the wonderfully healthy, active, energetic child he is, and the heat and humidity of Michigan summer, I'm soooooo looking forward to the next few months. And if you believe THAT.... ; P

Jacob will be home-schooled, so at least I don't have to worry about the transition between school and home, but dealing with him in the heat and humidity is another thing altogether. I have literally stuck my head in the freezer to cool off and breathe better when I get overheated. Strange maybe, but it really does help!

Even if it's cooler, but humid, my MG rears it ugly head and roars. It's like walking outside and being "unplugged." Doug's still working on the air conditioners, so the humidity in the house is the same as it is outside, which right now is about 75%. LOVELY. Nothing like being sticky all the time. My brother moved to California several years ago, and I remember him saying one of the things he loved about living there is that he could take a shower, dry off, and stay dry! Here in Michigan, especially when it's humid, you take a shower, dry off, and just get all damp and sticky again. YUCK!

Once the air is in I do much better. Doug freezes his buns off, but I just can't live without it. Not if I want to breathe anyway. ; ) As far as dealing with Jacob...he LOVES to read and do puzzles and stuff, which is wonderful, because when it's hot and or humid I can't go outside. We do lots of crafty activities and color, and we are learning the alphabet right now. I go online and get lots of ideas for simple toddler crafts. I have also hired a young man to come and play with Jacob (hopefully outside most of the time) on Monday and Friday morning, and have someone coming on Wednesday mornings as well. That has helped TREMENDOUSLY. Sometimes you just CAN'T go is alone.

I'm SO thankful that Jacob loves to do that crafty stuff, as well as be super active. God has given me such a well-rounded child. Just what He knew I could handle (most of the time anyway!!) Jacob is rough and tumble, yet very tender hearted. He loves to be running around like a crazy mad man, but he also loves to cuddle with a "storybook" or paint and color with Mommy. And for the most part, he is very well behaved. I have heard horror stories of other Mom's and kids...tantrums...oh, thank you Lord!!

I have started my "healthy eating plan" today. Exercise is such a frustration, but I do have a mini-tramp that I am going to try. Hopefully my legs won't give out. I know I'll have to work up to it...just a few minutes at first. When my brain is clear and I'm feeling okay I want to just jump around and dance! I love dancing. But after 2 minutes, I'm all wiped out, and can't do anything for the rest of the day. There's nothing like wanting to exercise, being all ramped up, motivated, whatever, and then your body betraying you by not cooperating. Losing weight when you have chronic illnesses is SO difficult. I am determined, however, with the strength of Almighty God on my side, and the help of friends who are holding me accountable, to do this thing!!! Now the whole world knows about it, so I have to go through with it!! I just have to really, really watch it, since I'm NOT able to be super active all the time. (Oh, plus, Doug is giving me $2.00 for every pound I lose!)

I would appreciate your prayers for this summertime...the heat, the humidity, keeping Jacob occupied without hurting myself....and for me to stay motivated to lose weight even if it will take longer because I may not be able to exercise as much as I'd like....

Thanks ya'll. I love ya so much!


Ginny said...

Wow Kerri! You have a lot going on. Dieting is SO hard for me. I'm a sugar junkie. I hope you are very successful with it. Also, I'm right there with you on the heat and humidity thing. When getting ready for work in the mornings, I'd have it 45 degrees if I could.
I hope Jacob enjoys his playtimes with others this summer and you get some rest.

Leigh @ intentslife said...

You go, girl! I'm prayin' for ya.

Kerri said...

Thanks, girls.

Ginny, it's NOT a diet!!! It's a "healthy eating plan!!!" : )
Diet has such a negative connotation. I'm actually eating WAY more often, just all good stuff, mostly whole food, LOTS of water. Already dropped 3 pounds!
Woot! Woot!