Saturday, April 10, 2010

Beef and Bruises and Bathrooms


So we got our cow.

And she's cute.

Dang it.

Her name is Gracie. Jacob knows her from going to Auntie Shawn's house...we totally have to rename her. Maybe I should take a vote: lots of people have suggested names on facebook already: French Fry, UmmUmm Good, Supper Bell, etc. We're thinking T-Bone? Yes, we're going to eat her. Sorry if that shocks your sensibilities. I'm already getting attached. The only thing that will save me is that she has bad joints, so she would eventually have to be "put down" for her own comfort anyway.

But she's so stinkin' cute. She even moos cute. Sheez.

Secondly, the bruise part of the post. I'm FINALLY feeling better from the pheresis. However, this has to heal by Tuesday:

Purty, huh.

My vein blew Wednesday, but I had to go back for treatment yesterday...the vein held, but holy bruise Batman! I'ts creeping onto the top of my arm and everything. It's a bit tender! I need to ice it and hopefully it will be okay for my last treatment Tuesday. Last for a few weeks anyway, unless I start the Rituxan before then.

Finally....drumroll please.....Jacob is going potty on the big potty!!! Doug's mom watched him while we were in Ann Arbor yesterday, and she just sat him on the potty seat and he went! And he kept telling her when he had to! Just like that? So last night we get home and you'd think he'd go for me? NOPE. Not until the third time he told me he had to go anyway!! And today he's only had one "oops" and he was outside working on the truck brakes with Daddy, so he obviously had more important things going.

Shawn told me this morning when they brought the cow over that he had been watching the other kids in daycare use the potty, and understood that they didn't wear diapers anymore. Sweet!!

So that's what's new in my life. What's new in yours??


CoconutPalmDesigns said...

T-Bone is a great name! Sorry about the bruise and hooray for Jacob using the potty!!! I'm in the middle of potty training too so I can so relate!

Cheers :-)
- CoconutPalmDesigns

Jamee said...

You poor thing! That bruise looks horrible (and looks like one I would have!).

Yay for Jacob using the big potty!

melissa said...

Just wondering, but why name a cow you are going to kill? Wouldn't personifying it by giving it a name make it harder?

Holy Moly! What a bruise!

Nice random post. I always like short snippets in posts like these.