Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Never Say Never....Again! : )

Sorry, couldn't resist.

I was thinking about the events of the last few days, and I thought of some more "nevers"....

"I'll NEVER live in the boonies.".....Have you been to my house? 'nuff said.

"I'll NEVER say, 'I need to run to town'. I'm not from Little House on the Prairie.".... "Running into town" is now part of my vernacular.

"I'll NEVER live in an old (older than say, 1990's) house!".....My house is pre-1900, and I love it.

"I'll NEVER, NEVER live on a FARM or have FARM aminals."...Well, Sunday we got 3 ducks, and yesterday, 12 more chickens. A rabbit and goats will be next, then probably a cow when Jacob gets a little bigger. (As I'm typing these words, I'm still a little in shock...) For those of you who haven't known me longer than 10 years, my favorite place in the world used to be Chicago....I wanted to go to Mardi Gras, and NYC for New Year's Eve. Now I think of doing that and I'd rather plan a heart attack.

"I could never kill anything."....If you haven't read my rooster story, check the archives...

Just another reminder that we DON'T know everything, and we don't have all the answers. (I was close...) HA! Not even. I'm glad that God's plans are better than mine, because I really wouldn't trade my life, illness and all, for anything.

People talk about having a "do-over" and I honestly wouldn't. I didn't much like who I was before I got sick. My priorities were WAY out of whack, and my lifestyle was NOT pleasing to God. Well, I guess I might do ONE thing over...I NEVER EVER (and oh, I mean this!!) would have gotten that blasted flu shot that started this horrific chain of events!!

Oh, quick update: I finally talked to my doctor about the specifics of my bone lumbar spine (middle of my back) has moderate bone loss (thinning) and increased risk of fracture. My lower spine has a HIGH level of bone thinning (for my age) and a high increased risk of fracture. My hips show arthritis, but no thinning. So even though the high level in my lower spine is scary, I'm glad my hip bones are okay, because when old people fall, they usually break a hip before their back. (Yes, I'm being serious....)

Also, I'm still having nasty side effects from the Fosamax...if you could please pray that they stop, because I haven't been able to go back to that church I went to ONCE...and I'd really like to. I have to take the pills on the weekend so Doug is here to help with Jacob.

Thanks...and NEVER say NEVER! : )


Joanna said...

I still think your rooster story is the best evah!!

Seriously? Goats and bunnies?? Where is your bonnet and apron Ma? hee hee ;)

Kerri said...

Bwaa! Ma...that's funny. Let's go put the kettle on...