Monday, July 27, 2009

Back to the Drawing Board

Well, at least it's not the ironing board!

So I am trying very hard to get back to my healthy eating plan. The prednisone made it very difficult, and I admit I all but gave up the last week or so. But I have steeled myself to fight again...I know I have gained back some of the 14 pounds I had lost, and I really let that get to me for a while. goes on.

I can't TELL you how much my success or failure depends on how much I am in the Word. Last week I did exactly ZERO work on my Bible study. And that's about what most of the week added up to progress-wise. ZERO. No exercise (which is always a challenge), lots of moodiness and ravenous appetite. However, as long as you rise one more time than you fall, you can do it. And I need God's help. Every minute of every day.

I am also working on digging out my office. My office is supposed to be my sanctuary...instead, it has turned into the place where everything that doesn't have a specific place goes to hang out. Well, NO MORE! If it doesn't have a specific place, I will find one for it, whether it be in the house or in the garbage! Since I don't have a lot of storage space, I use filing cabinet drawers for any number of things. Well, my husband decided he want one 4-drawer filing cabinet out of the office so the door opens all the way from the office to the bedroom. Go want the door to OPEN? Very challenging.

I also have to get all of Jacob's school stuff organized. I have stuff from, yah, that was like 17 years ago. Oh, how sad. I never thought I would be pushing forty before I started home-schooling. Yikes. God will give me the strength, that's all I know. He's got to or it will never get done!

Kind of rambling WONDERFUL eyes were normal almost ALL day yesterday!! Whoooo-Hooooo!!!!!

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Young Wife said...

Thank you for sharing your struggle, and reminding me to be in the word. Good luck with your office and your diet. I'm glad you had a good day with your eyes!