Monday, July 6, 2009

Woot Woot!

I just have to say, I am so so so blessed to have the friends and family I do.

Because of your love, support, dedication, prayers....Because I wasn't stressed about what we were going to do for dinner or how I was going to handle Jacob.....I was able to have a WONDERFUL day yesterday. I keep saying it was a GOOD day, not so-so, but GOOD. But really, it was WONDERFUL!

I had what I will call a "golden hour"....we were all in the pool, and I was strong enough to be in there for about an hour, watching my husband and son interact, watching Jacob laugh and splash and have a blast and for once feel like I wasn't missing out on a thing! I even figured a way out to lean over a raft and I was actually SWIMMING...first time since I have had the trach. It felt fantastic...It felt......NORMAL.

Oh to feel like everyone else...even for an hour. I was just BLESSED. Thank you Jesus.

So. I have had NO neck pain for 2 days. My hip pain comes and goes inthe left hip. I have to be super careful how I walk or I wrench it and it hurts again. My right hip is fine. Eyes are back and forth. We are going to Ann Arbor for 4 treatments in the next 2 weeks, so they will be rough ones, but I'm CONVINCED that after that I WILL be strengthened, and I WILL feel better, and I WILL be enjoying the rest of my summer with my family and friends. So if ya'll can hang with me for a couple more weeks......

Speaking of family and friends: I love you. I can't imagine how we would have gotten through this without you. God has placed such precious people in my life...people who self-lessly give and give. People who bring food even when they have their own struggles. People who visit, people who help, people who call and send cards. I cannot TELL you how much you mean to me. God has blessed me through you in more ways than you can ever know. Please know how much we love you.

And to my husband: What a miracle you are. God gave you every gift you would need to be the perfect husband for me and the perfect father for Jacob. You are my rock here on this earth, and I can't imagine my life without you. You have been patient and long-suffering, and taking care of me in the best ways. You love and protect us and would give your life for us. You have given up a lot to take on me and my illness. Thank you for suporting me, for loving me, for taking care of me, and for calming me. You tell me it's going to be all right and I know it will be. I love you with all my heart.

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