Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How do YOU deal with Anger?

I read a fantastic article on facebook yesterday from Lisa Copen, founder of Rest Ministries. It was about NOT being an angry mom.

I KNOW that EVERY mom has had anger issues with their children...I think of young moms with 3 or 4 kids who could all be running around like hooligans and not listening to a word you say... trashing the house SECONDS after it's picked up. I experience that with ONE, I can't imagine times 4! I remember my mom telling me (about my older siblings, never me, of course!) how she would line them up on the couch and say, "Today I could sell you 3 for a nickel!" My mother is a SAINT, so I know everyone deals with this!

Some days it's no big deal...other days, less can go wrong and I get angrier quicker. A lot of it has to do with how I'm feeling physically. Pain is a horrible mediator. (Unless you're on the receiving end of a spankin'!) When I'm having a super bad MG day, or am having lots of fibro pain, parenting is next to impossible, especially when my completely ALL boy, beautiful, wild, busy, exciting, genius child is on full tilt. His latest is "But how?" Not "Why?" "But how?"

Me: We're going to get our swimmie on to go in the pool.
Jacob: But how?
Me: We're going to put them on.
Jacob: But how?
Me: We're going to take off your clothes, get out your swimmie, put it on, and go outside to the pool.
Jacob: "But how?"


Me: Daddy's getting the car and we're going to the store.
Jacob: But how?
Me: We're going to drive.
Jacob: But how?
Me: We get in the car, turn the key, push the gas pedal, steer the car, and go down the road."
Jacob: "But how?"

Notice you can't say, "Because I said so." Most of the time it's hilarious...but when I'm in pain, or tired, or stressed, or can't see straight (literally)....it's so easy to get angry.

And God tells us we will get angry, He also tells us not to sin in our anger. Yesterday I had to apologize to Jacob for being a crabby Mommy. Between PMS, hunger, pain and prednisone... I was not fit for human company, let alone being a parent! Here's my precious baby's answer: "That's okay, Mommy, I forgive you. I love you even when you're naughty." I was mush.

So when YOUR anger flares.... when you can't escape the situation causing the anger...what do YOU do? Any tips? Tricks? Solutions? I'd LOVE to hear them!

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