Sunday, November 15, 2009

I am a Hunting Widow

Alas, today is THE DAY. Opening Day. For what you ask? Gun season. Deer hunting. I have seen the last of my husband for a while. Well, it's actually been a while as he's been "preparing" for quite some time already. First, he had to ensure his tree stand was in tact. A-OK there.
Then, he decided he needed some more vantage points, so he built 2 more deer shacks. Or, as Jacob calls them, "deer catchers."
So we all went out to paint, and this is Jacob peeking out from within. He wants to know when Daddy is going to take him "Hun-tin!"

Well, they turned out great, and Doug put them out in the field, very strategically placed, I'm sure...I think he even put one up on stilts.

I heard a loud shot about 8:40 this morning, but it echoes so much out here I can't tell ya where it came from. Hopefully he gets at least one today, or else he'll be all grumpy. : ) He has as many licenses as the law allows, so he can get some deer meat for other families. He does the butchering himself so that A.) you know you're getting back the deer you shot, B.) You can get whatever cuts of meat you want out of it and C.) it's cheaper. That should probably be the first reason!

Anywho...saying prayers for all the hunters out there to stay safe, and get their deer!


Holly said...

My friends husband is an avid hunter...I cannot believe I didn't know it was hunting season...he is usually all talk about it. Good luck to your husband.

Happy SITS Sharefest Saturday (Sunday!).

Holly @ 504 Main

Melissa B. said...

All my female relatives out Wisconsin Way are hunting widows, too, so in a way, I feel your pain. SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! The deer shacks are really nice. I bet he could go into business selling those. :-)

Happy, safe hunting to him, and all the other hunters today!

Stopping by from SITS.

Kerri said...

Thanks for stopping by ladies!

Alicia said...

oh man! its a good thing i live in the burbs in california or else my husband would be out there too!! i hope he had a good day!! those shacks are awesome :)