Monday, November 23, 2009

Oh, Is It Monday! Randomness

My goodness. How can you use a cappucino machine every day for over a year, and then one morning get up, forget to put the metal filter in, wonder why the coffee is streaming out from all over with grounds in it...flip the thing over, mess with the seal, burning yourself on the heating element, (thankfully not REALLY breaking it) before seeing the little metal filter thingy that is supposed to go in the cup thingy. Ug. So half an hour later, I finally get my coffee. What a terrific way to start out the morning {she said, in a voice dripping with disdain.}

Then Jacob wants a train off the train wrapping paper I brought downstairs. He's obsessed with trains right now. So I painstakingly cut out a train (1 engine with two cars),and glue it on a iece on construction paper to it's more sturdy. What does he say? Mommy, can I have another one?
No. Mommy, it needs another car on the end. No, it doesn't. Yes it does!! NO.
So I'm like, what do you want for breakfast? No response. I name a couple of things. Nothing. I ask again. What do you want for breakfast? To which Jacob replies, "A train??" Ug. (And this was even BEFORE the coffee!)
Then I'm on facebook, and can't see any old posts. No big deal, just ANNOYING!!!
Oh, and one more thing to add to my annoyances of things that should all be the same wherever you go: public restroom doors. K. When you go IN, you should PULL the door open. (I hope all you major stores and restaurants are paying close attention here!!) Your hands are probably already dirty, even if they aren't, you're going to the BATHROOM. Hello!! SO....then you wash your hands....(with SOAP kids!) and dry them with PAPER TOWEL (since air dryers are breeding grounds for all things bacterial), using the paper towel to then turn off the water.

THEN, if everything was right with the world, you would PUSH the door open, using your elbow, foot, hip, tush, whatever! Clean hands need not touch the door! DUH. It does NOT take a rocket scientist people. But no, most doors you have to PULL open, thus contaminating your hands again because you KNOW everyone does NOT wash their hands after they use the bathroom.
Pardon me while I go vomit a moment.

Okay. SO...if you HAVE to pull the handle, use your paper towel, and then throw it away. If the bathroom doesn't have towel available, use your shirt to jerk the door open a little, enough to get your foot in there and kick it open. (Yes I've studied this thoroughly.)
Anywho. This post is certainly all over the place. Why not add a few more. There is a woman named Grace Datema who is having brain surgery today. She has 6 children. Please pray for her today, that the surgery us successful and that she will not have any complications, and will heal quickly.

Got to go to church yesterday....WHOO HOOO!!!! Awesome.

Finally, here is my little hunter. He has been waiting for MONTHS to hunt with Daddy. (Yes, the gun is fake!)...he was practicing all morning, shooting "deers" out the windows, and then bringing them in for Mommy to pet.

That's my baby!!! What a serious little man!

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Melissa B. said...

Sometimes the best posts are the random ones. Thanks for sharing your Superior Snaps, too. That little hunter of yours is a cutie-patootie!