Saturday, November 28, 2009

I Survived my First Black Friday!

Oh my gosh what a bunch of crazies there are in the world. And no, I'm not JUST noticing this, but who in their right mind gets up at 4:45 AM (that would be me) to go to town to shop? We just went in town first, but Pamida opened at 6 AM, and they had a 32" TV my in-laws wanted as their TV was completely dead. Good thing we got there when we did, because they only had 4 of them, and we got the last coupon.

I have to say, Pamida did something very smart. The had an employee outside going down the line to ask what people were there for. They had printed slips of paper with the "hot ticket" items on them. And we got the last TV ticket. And we were only like 12th in line. But that eliminates the "I'm-gonna-get-there-first-and-don't-care-if-I-trample-you." problem. What a sad state of affairs that was last year. That people would care so much for saving $50.00 that that would trample a human being. I really can't fathom that. I truly can't. NOTHING is worth that.

The only other place we had to wait in line was Radio Shack in Otsego because they didn't open til 9. The one in town opened at 5:30, but never even HAD what we wanted (a wireless keyboard for my laptop). So we ended up going to Otsego, and getting everything on our lists! It was very cool. We got a TON of DVD's from Meijer and WalMart. We saved a BOATLOAD of money. It was pretty fun actually! Doug's parents took Jacob overnight so we didn't have to worry about him getting all germy and cranky, not to mention dragging him out in the middle of the night. I can't IMAGINE doing that. And Jacob just LOVES going over there.

Our BIG splurge was a ginormous TV. And I mean GINORMOUS. I feel like I'm at the movies now in my own house. Wierd. And the pictuure is SO clear!! It's like 3-D...wierd. (Yes, I'm technologically impaired.) Our old TV was on the fritz, and with winter coming, I was not about to be without a TV...soI guess it was a good time for both our and my in-laws' TV's to die! YOU normally go out the day after Thanksgiving? Where do you go? DO you always go with the same people? Would you sit out in line like overnight?

I would NOT sit out overnight for anything. There is no material ANYTHING that I would wait in line for more than like, 30 minutes for. And THAT's pushing it. : )

Hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving.


JoeyRes said...

Glad you had a nice black Friday experience. My memories are from when I was 12 trailing my mom and sister in misery. I don't think I could conquer those memories to go out as an adult!

Finding Normal said...

I tried. I went to Target at 5 AM, but it was so crowded, and the line was so long. It just wasn't worth it to me, so I went back later in the day. I didn't get any of the big doorbuster deals, but probably wouldn't have anyway. Glad you had fun!
Found you on SITS. :)

Controlling My Chaos said...

I am so NOT a Black Friday shopper, but I did venture out yesterday afternoon and it was still nuts out there. I couldn't believe it. If it was like that in the afternoon, I think I would be scared to see it in the wee hours of the morning. Craaaaaaazy people.

Joanna said...

Our tradition is not to go. We went 1 year and it was so crazy the boys freaked out. Never again!

Way to score on all the stuff you wanted!

Young Wife said...

Hooray for the home theater experience! I never go shopping on Black Friday. Well, except this year. We were on vacation, so I went to some antique shops and tourist shops.

Miss Dot said...

My husband and I ventured out this Black Friday but we totally did it on our own schedule. We got to the mall around, oh, 10:00 or so, parked right up front, stood in lines maybe two people long, and got great deals on Christmas decorations for our first Christmas together. Awesome!

That was a great idea to use those "hot ticket items" tickets. I'll bet things ran so much more smoothly because of those!

Thanks for visiting my blog, btw!