Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I must say I am thoroughly enjoying being part of the 20th century technologically. I haven't quite made it to the 21st yet, but I'm thrilled to be where I am. This broadband thing is amazing. I was downloading stuff yesterday that would have taken at LEAST 5 minutes per page, and I instead, I would just watch the numbers zoom up to the end, and it would be ready to go. INSANE!!!

AWESOME McTalking time last night with Joanna. Whoo! What a study. My goodness. It's a good thing we only meet every two weeks, because it takes us that long to absorb one week's worth of material from this woman! Plus we are both homeschooling moms; she having a much larger workload than I because she has 3 children, and I have just one...but still....this study is so amazing. Me, Myself and Lies by Jennifer Rothschild. This woman gets in your business like you couldn't believe. She has the uncanny ability to say one sentence so spot-on that you're just left there rubbing your cheek. Joanna and I have both been Christians for a very long time, but are both learning things we've never known....It's amazing. SO worth the time and effort put into it.

On the home front, time to go to the diabetic doc in Grand Rapids today. Whoopty-do. They're pretty cool about everything, and I don't get lectured about my health (gee, ya think? With all the crap I go through and all the medication I'm on...you'd think ALL doctors would know better...) But it's just a pain to have to drive all the way up there. Thankfully my mom and dad are wathcing Jacob for us, then we will be all going our for dinner with my aunt Dee.

Been pretty stressed the last few days. Dealing with some personal angst. My stress levels have been bad enough to affect my health. While doing this study, one thing we're really working on is how we talk to ourselves, and taking our thoughts captive and making them agree with Christ's thought about us. Ms. Rothschild said right in there, don't be surprised when people start coming out of the woodwork attacking you on many levels because of the strides you are making spiritually. Whoa. Talk about truth there! I have to keep reminding myself that I am not fighting against flesh and blood. satan has his plots and schemes, and they almost always involve other people.

I've also been having many issues with my trach. I had to take it out last Friday because it hadn't been out since the MRI, and when I put it back in, I didn't get it "just" right. It's AMAZING how many muscles in your neck can be affected, and how they react when one little part of you is "this much" off. Holy-pain-in-the-neck-Batman. So Saturday morning I took it out again, and by Saturday night it was still killing me...I thought I had it, but I didn't....twisted it a bit Saturday, got SOME relief, but realized Monday morning it wasn't abolutely right. FINALLY got it in correctly before Bible study. Now I'm not touching it for a while!!! Between that and stress...I pretty much have no strength, and no voice. Oh well. Life goes on. Suck it up, Buttercup. Everyone has problems.

Please keep my sister Lori in your prayers...she and her husband don't have medical insurance right now, and she is super stressed about it. She tries not to worry, but I know I would, and I'm pretty sure she does. She's got health issues as well, and it's hard for her to be on her feet for long periods at a time, but she has to work...they still can't pay all their bills...anyway. Thanks.

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