Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Well, I have been requested to post some pics of my hubby's handiwork...Although I WILL take credit for all the straight, beautifully organized shelves... : ) He did all the hard stuff, as far as building, and I put everything where it was supposed to go...This big ol shelf Doug made a few years ago. It's in the kitchen, and used to hold all of our homemade canned goods.

This shelf has all my baking supplies and cook books, hot cocoa (Doug),coffee and tea.
Now on to the pantry....I can't explain how, but my husband used the legs from only 2 shelves, but the shelves from all 3 shelving units. The pantry was like 3 inches short, so he pulls a Frankenstein on the shelves, and viola...we exchanged a cube freezer for a chest freezer, and he still got everything to fit.

We took Every. Bloomin'. Thing. out of that pantry, and cleaned everything and put it all back in...but now it's SO purdy! I'm in OCD heaven. I can walk in and see everything we have...

OH, and before anyone calls the hoarding show....let's just say we're PREPARED. (for nuclear holocaust!) : ) But serioulsy...we do stock up when things are on sale, but the biggest problem before was not being able to find anything, so we bought whatever we thought we needed. Then, of course, while redoing all of this, we found the original (s). How else do you end up with 3 jars of honey and 3 boxes of corn starch??

The final project was the entertainment center. This used to have a huge hole in the middle for a 32" TV with the huge back end. (As opposed to the svelte LCD TV's now...)

You would never know that now! The new TV sits on top, and the stereo and new DVD player sit where the old TV used to be. Amazing. Told you I married McGuyver!!

Pretty slick! But I'm glad it's all DONE!!! Lots of work. I haven't completely recovered yet! But when I walk into my lovely kitchen, or perfect pantry...It's allll been worth it!!


Nikki said...

Wow you and your husband are talented!! I love organizing and when things look nice and clean. I really should stock up on cans...if only we had the space for it! maybe I could stick them under the bed lol:) Love your blog and I'll be following:)

Nikki said...

o almost forgot, stopped by from SITS!

Christine aka Mistress of Cakes said...

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Young Wife said...

Looks fabulous! Don't you just love it when everything is organized?

Leigh @ intentslife said...

Oh my word, girl - that pantry is unbelievable!!! :)