Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Random Blather

I just noticed that I'm at like 235 posts. I must have missed 200. I'll have to do some big ta-da for my 250th or something. Maybe I'll do a give-away! All 6 of you who read my blog would have a really good shot at winning!! : ) Methinks I shall have to put a plan in motion...stay tuned.

Good news: my eyes seem to be behaving. I'm running around like a crazy woman today though, so we'll have to see how long they hold up. Had to stuff the Christmas cards with our picture (yes, the WRONG ONE), find a few addresses, do Jacob's laundry, plate up 5 cookie trays for Doug's work peeps (that totalled ten dozen cookies right there!), fold three loads of laundry, keep Jacob from killing the dogs, keep Moose from killing my Christmas tree, keep myself from killing Moose, wash my hair, have to get ready yet...going out with my best "g" Joanna tonight...dinner and shopping. Woot! Woot! We need a little happy time. (Even though it's just Applebee's and Wal-Mart!) He he he. I think I had too much coffee or something. I'm a bit spastic.

Doug's a bit irritated because I bid on some auction items and WON them...and he has to go to Kalamazoo to pick them up. Nevermind two of them are for him!....the lawnchair with a toilet seat is mine...I will NOT go on the ground, or, God forbid, an outhouse. So, if we go camping, (No comment from the peanut gallery!) I will have a throne. Of sorts. I guess I'll just have to put it at the top of a hill. (They have awesome auctions on there are some Coach purses. I haven't dared look at what they're going for. )

Anyway....just jotting off a note before I continue my mad dash to have Jacob ready at 3:30 and me ready by 4:15. Oh, and yesterday was Ann Arbor, can you believe it? Treatment went poke in each arm, NO problems, no veins collapsing, NO pain...and I ran reaaallly fast. SWEET!!

Ya'll have a good one!


Joanna said...

I said nothing. :)

I'm putting on my shoes to come get ya. Holla!! Off to have a good time.

Young Wife said...

I'm so glad your treatment went well. You've got a lot going on girl!