Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Support out Troops

I just got this link off of another blog from a SITStah-....

You can get an address of a contact person for a unit, or an individual, to send care packages, letters, whatever. Stuff like drink powders (koolaid, crystal light), energy drinks, phone cards. Each one listed (there's like 2000) has info about them, where they are from, etc. You give them YOUR info, and then they send you the address. It's an awesome way to show your support for our guys and gals overseas, serving our country. I don't know if a package would get there in time for Christmas, but I don't think they would mind if it was a bit late.

Even if you just write letters, letting them know you are supporting them (even if you don't support WAR, you can support our armed servicemen and women), and praying for them.


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