Thursday, April 1, 2010

I am FIRED Up today.

Okay. If I hand you a perfectly crispy, nice, clean, just off the press $20.00 bill, what is it worth? Yup. Twenty bucks. If I take that perfectly crispy, nice, clean, just off the press $20.00, throw it on the floor, stomp on it, crinkle it around a bit, get it all dirtied up, how much is it worth then? Correct. Twenty bucks. Okay. Now say I give you a really old, crumpled, been around the block a time or two $20.00 bill. It would be worth...? Very good! Twenty bucks.

So how is it that our illustrious President can put a numerical value on people depending upon their age in regard to health insurance? Oh my GOSH do I have issues with that man. I guess in this case I'm glad I'm only 39 and chronically ill instead of 69 and chronically ill, because I'd be getting cut off pretty quick.

Do you know what you get when you wrap up a piece of dog turd in a sealed container, add beautiful paper, lovely bows and ribbons, a nice card...You get a health care plan that many think looks lovely, but when you open it, it's full of,....well, you get the idea.

On to my second rant, which also has to do with the quality of life, or the sanctity of life. There is a local news story here where this man, probably in his late 30' early 40's, was left to watch their 2 year old while mom went to the grovery store. While she was gone, daddy of the year kneeled on his daughter's chest until she was dead. Then he threw her in the garbage. When mom got home, dad was sitting on the edge of the daughters bed, with the door mostly closed, talking to her as if she were just about to fall asleep. (When she was already dead in the dumpster.) Excuse me, but what kind of sick son of a b!tch does that?? Then he had a coke (and I don't mean coca cola) party immediately afterward.

And mom. Seriously???? You don't check on your daughter until the next morning, find her gone and report her missing? If I'm ever away from Jacob and he's sleeping when I get home (yah which has happened like once??) I will go in and take every cover off and inspect hin and make sure he looks clean and comfy and perfect. What kind of mom lets her boyfriend/husband/whatever he was have a big ol cocaine bash while SHE THOUGHT her daughter was in that apartment?

This world makes me SICK. SICK. People dealing with chronic illness REALLY need one more stressor in their life (like worrying about when their health insurance will be cut off). People with infertility cry every day because their arms are just aching for a child, and for some selfish reason, this creten decides to see what happens if he kneels his 170 pound body on top of her 20 pound one. If you ask me, there is a for people like that.

Barring abortion, which is the greatest atrocity to human life, when did the attitiude toward human life become so... blase? So indifferent and apathetic? And yet these are the same people who turn the channel when they show pictures of animal cruelty. Of course that's horrible, and those animals should be protected. But when society shows more concern for their pets that they do for their fellowman.....

And for my final diatribe. Have you seen the father who buried his son who was killed in military action serving his country? Did you see those idiots with signs saying "GOD HATES THE U.S.A." WAR IS MURDER, and all those other lovely things? This man just.lost.his.son!!! And these gutless cowards are hiding behind the first amendment, part of the constitution of the Unisted States that these very men they protest fought, bled and died for. NOW this father has to pay the legal fees of these freeeloading recreants. What the he!! is wrong with this country.

What I say is let those protesting the loudest be the first on the battle line when it comes down to brass tacks and the amazing men and women of our military put their lives on the line. So they don't agree with war...I don't in all circumstances either, but in my opinion, there is no nobler task that to serve your country. To be willing to write a blank check, which may be cashed in with your life written on it. I need to stop before my blood pressure gets up any higher.

Let me just end by saying thank you. Thank you to the men and women AND their families who serve this country with gladness, with honor, with pride. Who make sacrifices every single day so that you and I can walk around sipping our lattes and not worrying about nuclear war. (Okay, so I don't walk around sipping my latte, but you catch the drift.)

And pray for this country. I am so ready for Jesus to just come back and end all of this suffering.


Young Wife said...

So glad we're not the only ones with chronic illnesses that are against socialized health care. And yeah, that coke head is sick. Those kinds of stories are so disturbing.

Hello! I'm Kate. said...

My MIL has MG. She feels the same way. My 21 year old sister has had a chronic illness since she was born & she's freaking out too! I think the whole nation is angry! This was a great post! Thanks for sharing!

Snowbrush said...

I agree with everything you wrote.

I am sorry you are suffering. I am too--with chronic pain moreso that illness though.

Margaret said...

I am so glad that someone else that is chronically sick see that this health plan is going to kill us off. It is all about weeding out the weak.

As for the father who the hell does that to their child. I am with you when it comes to parents not checking on their children when they are sleeping. My mom still checks on me and I am 25!