Saturday, November 20, 2010

Busy Baking and Candy Making

Jacob and I were busy, busy, busy yesterday! We baked the cookies last week, but everything else we made TODAY. Yikes! We're celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas tomorrow at my sister's house.

I've never made candy before. It's really not that hard, but there are a couple of things you MUST do. Like tap the trays after you pour the melted chocolate in them...get's the bubbles out. Didn't do that on my first ones, and you can tell.

This was my first batch. The red and green ones I didn't tap the bubbles out, so they're kind of melty looking. These are mint. I'm so impressed with myself! (well, kind of!)

Cherry candy! SO SO good!

Peanut-butter-Chocolate and Chocolate coated pretzels.

Red Velvet Cookies dipped in white chocolate and sprinkles! Doug made the spritz cookies in the middle. Then, white chocolate dipped pretzels. Yummy!

Peanut butter-chocolate and Chocolate candy. I'm gettin' the hang of this!

Peppermint Bark. YUM!!!

Jacob and I started about 1:30 yesterday afternoon, and got done about 8:00PM. I didn't really stop either! Just to make Jacob lunch....I didn't even eat lunch! I was in the zone. Felt good. I was way too keyed up though, because I didn't fall asleep until about 2:30 AM. Ug.


Joanna said...

You go girl!

kc said...

Yum, yum, leave the lights on - I'm comin' right over! Glad you felt well enough to do all that! Cheers!

CoconutPalmDesigns said...

All that candy looks so yummy! I told my brother yesterday that if it was possible I'd live only on candy and your candy looks delicious!

Cheers :-)
- Rainforest Mommy

Rachel said...

Everything looks so yummy! I've never had a red velevt cookie before, do they taste the same as the cake? It looks like you guys had tons of fun.

Now that your in the candy making business where can we send our orders to?

Renee Ann said...

I'm impressed with the candy you made. It looks so festive and . . . perfect!

Young Wife said...

I'm hungry now. :) Sorry you couldn't sleep afterwards, though.