Wednesday, April 13, 2011


My blog is fixed! Photobucket had some serious issues, and my blog was all messed up. Never fear...I am BACK! Takes more than a technicality to shut me up! : )

So anyway. Today has been busy, busy, busy. I've been feeling so much better since my sister got home from the hospital, but she's still in a lot of pain, and running a fever and stuff. She went to the doctor today (the surgeon) and he gave her an antibiotic, which made ME feel better.

I have been doing a Bible study on suffering, and this week I decided it's the FIRST thing I'm going to do in the morning, and it has made SUCH a difference. This morning I was a liiiiitle grumpy, so I told Jacob Mommy needed to do her Bible study so I could get some patience. I NEVER would have made it through the day without it.

This study is really good. There are like 12 lessons, I think, and I just finished 4. I learn best when I write things out, so I've been taking notes on the lessons, and writing out the verses she references (unless it's a long passage, then I summarize).

Anyway. My poem has gotten some attention it seems! If any of you reading are going to the National Convention for MG, you may hear it read. I will not be there, but someone asked if they could take it to the Nat'l. Convention in May. I was like, OF COURSE!

Then a student in Biomedical Science in the UK asked me if I would be willing to do a diary type entry on her website she has to create for a school project. I am SO EXCITED!!! I went to college to teach children. I learned after I graduated that I liked teaching older kids (I loved middle school, I know, crazy!) Now I'm teaching in a whole different way. It's like, God really is giving me my heart's desire. Just in a TOTALLY different way than I could have expected.

I LOVE to write. That's what I want to do. And because of this illness, I am getting so many opportunities I never would have had. It just reminds me that GOD is in control. And thank goodness. I'm SO thrilled with what's coming down the pike, and it NEVER would have happened had I been healthy. I probably wouldn't have even pursued writing. And it is so important to me.

I have had a tough time the last few years, to be sure. However, things are looking up. Mostly, because I am!


Patty Ann said...

I am so glad your blog is fixed! I tried to read it earlier and couldn't, so I was hoping that it would get back up today. I am also so glad to see you happy!! I love our scripture reading. We do it as a family and I study on my own. What book are you using?

CoconutPalmDesigns said...

Yay for photobucket getting back on track. Things really do sound like they are getting better! I'm so happy for you!

Cheers :-)
- CoconutPalmDesigns

Renee Ann said...

What great opportunities! It's exciting that many others will hear and read what you've expressed!