Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Chronically Ill Moms

As a mom, I have beaten myself up plenty of times.  I'm sure everyone who is a mom has done it to themselves on more than occasion.  It's hard being a mom period, let alone a mom with chronic illness. 

Many times I wonder, "How is my illness affecting Jacob?  How is this going to influence his life?  What is he going to miss because he has ME for a mom?"

Well, a couple of weeks ago, Jacob and I did a "wishing bone" (what Jacob calls it) from a chicken we had.  He had been asking every day if it was dry enough.  FINALLY it was.  And the weirdest thing happened.... Well, for me anyway:  Both sides broke under the joint and the top flew right off.  Neither one of us got the bigger piece.

So I'm like, now what?

So I said, "Well, I guess we BOTH get a wish today! Why don't you go first?"

And my amazing, beautiful, tender-hearted boy said to me: "Know what I wished for mom?  I wish that Jesus would come back right now and take us all to heaven so we can all never be sick again."

I about bawled.

Looks like I've done SOMETHING right!

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