Sunday, September 23, 2012

House Repairs Part Two

As you can see, the boards under the house are all different shapes and sizes.  We also had a brick chimney column on the front of the house.  We had to move the satellite dish for the TV, and clean up the mess!
Jacob checking out the original siding.
You can see the chimney column here, and the awning over the front door.

Doug ripped off the awning, and built a frame around the chimney column, then he covered it with plywood so he could wrap it along with the rest of the house.  Up til this point, Doug was doing this by himself.  Made me crazy.  I told him we had help coming, he just had to be patient.  Yeah, right!

The awning is gone, and it won't be back up.  The chimney is covered.... Next wrap!

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Leeanne Dyson said...

It's been a year since you've given this hose a complete repair, how is it now? The white sidings look nice, by the way! It gives a warm and welcoming impression to your exterior. Make sure you clean it regularly to avoid costly repairs in the future. Leeanne @