Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Why We Needed New Siding Part One

The beginning of "The Project."
Not the Consumer's meter, although.....

Not only did Doug uncover dry rot when he was stripping the siding off, but he also discovered this lovely gap in between our house and foundation.  Mmm-hm.

Not the Consumer's meter, although.....

That would be Doug's entire hand in there.  And the old boards underneath the old siding.  Our house is pre-1900, and not much about it is square.  As you can see...some has just settled over the last 150 years, but some, I think, was the way it was built back then.

So....stay tuned....the project is almost done, but there's WAY too much for one post! : )


Ashlee Starns said...

Finding the material that matches the existing siding may be the biggest challenge in making siding repairs. Damaged areas can possibly be cut out while holes can be patched up with the available extra panels of siding. If the original siding is not available, it may be best to use a panel from a part of the house that is not readily available or visible to the public. The panel that has been moved can be placed with its closest possible match.

Ashlee Starns

Sandra Ludwig said...

Yes, I can see why you needed new sidings. It has this time-worn look which is acceptable, given that it was more than a decade old. I’m guessing you’ve had a hard time tearing off the old sidings because they were probably too damaged inside. However, I think it would be better if you choose a type of siding close to the original. Who knows, it might be a national heritage someday. ;)

Sandra ^.^

Aubrey Mullins said...

Oh, those are damaged sidings, alright. I’m glad that you went into action right away and didn’t wait for more damages to happen. Dry rots can weaken the foundation of your house, which we all know is very dangerous. And the gap between the siding and the foundation can indicate that the sidings were poorly installed. Great work!

Aubrey Mullins