Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tired Me!

But it's a good tired.  I got SOOO much done today.  My house is {almost} clean!  Jacob is hilarious... He comes in and says, "Can I help you Momma?"  So I'm like, sure!  I hand him a wipe and asked him to do the front of the fridge. So he does....everything on the front of the fridge, including the pictures he's colored for me, the magnets, etc.  I HAD to laugh.

So I told him, "No honey, just like the handles, and any spots you see."

So he swiped at a spot by the handle a couple of times, and says, "Okay mom, is that good?  Did I help ya?  Can I get a green tag now?"

K.  So let me 'splain the green tags.  I remember my 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Visser, handed out green and red tags just made from constuction paper.  Every month or so, she had a "classroom store" where we could "spend" our green tags.  So I decided to do the same thing with Jacob.  (I can't remember what the red tags meant...must have never gotten any!) HA!

So not only does Jacob get green tags for behaving during school, he gets them when he goes out of his way to be helpful, kind, or really obedient....

Only problem now is that he thinks he can get one for doing one little thing.  Hilarious.  The school store is stocked I just have to figure out "prices."  Oh, and the red tags for him are 10 minutes earlier to bed.  So he does NOT like red tags.  The red tags are only during school, or if we are doing something where he is required to be on task and following instructions.  He's only gotten ONE so far! : )

Anyway.  School is going's a little more work than I thought it would be, because I want to do it the way I would if I was in a classroom, just on a smaller scale.  We are studying ants right now.... Starting with the verse in Proverbs 6:6 "Go to the ant, you sluggard.  Consider her ways and be wise."

I made an ant out of cardstock, made a gabillion ants on construction paper, traced them with marker, cut them out of the paper, laminated them, then cut them out again.  That's what I would have done for a classroom.  So I did it for Jacob.  Yikes.

Then I remembered I had a bunch of cutouts from COLLEGE (yes, college, which was 18 years ago...) I literally have construction paper cutouts from 18 years ago.  A bunch of us in the teaching program went to this library that had a gigantic punch that you could make almost anything with: kites, turkeys, apples, trains, buses, etc.  So I laminated a boatload of that for later.

Anyway, this post is all over the place, like me.  Half way through writing this, I went out to drive the tractor and hay wagon so Doug could load up the last of the hay.  Oh what fun!  Also helped paint the outside of the mudroom so it's yellow now, like the house (it had been white siding so we got paint to match....perfectly!), did 3 loads of laundry, cleaned the kitchen, stove (not oven) tea kettle, microwave, toaster, did the dishes, made pasta salad for supper tonight, vacuumed the whole bottom floor of the house, dusted the living room and dining room....

All so I can sleep tonight.  And I'm telling you. I am going to SLEEP!

I hurt from head to toe.  But it's a good hurt, because it's from working.  And it feels GREAT!  Painful, but great.  Yes, I know I'm weird.  But that's why ya love me!

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