Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday

I'm totally copying my friend Angie over at The Jammie Girl today, but she won't mind....  She's linking up to other folks, which you can do by clicking HER link, but she listed ten things that either drove her crazy, or things she does that drive other people crazy.  So. Here's MY list.

1.  People who use their cell phone and/or text while driving.  Especially texting, because they could crash and burn and kill themselves, or worse yet, ME and my family!!  Don't text and drive!!!

2.  People who don't use cruise control while driving long distances on the highway.  You pass them, they speed up and pass you.  Then, because YOU are maintaining your speed and they are not, they inevitably slow down, so you pass them again.  Then, they speed up.....Makes me CRAZY!!!

3.  People who lick their fingers while paging through a book, sorting papers or counting money.  EW!

4.  Insurance companies.  Diagnostic codes.  The whole ball of wax.  The people who work there read from a script, and it couldn't be more obvious.  SO, Mrs. McDingle, you're NOT sorry, you DON'T understand, and you'll NEVER be able to fix it.  At least you get PAID to be on the phone. I do NOT.

5.  Doctors who are constantly late for appointments.  I have pretty decent docs now, but I used to have a GYN who was CONSISTENTLY 40 minutes late for my appointment.  I should rephrase:  I would wait in the waiting room probably 15-20 minutes PAST my appointment time, then I wait in the waiting room for 40 MORE minutes.  Why do they do that?  I'll tell you why:  With this particular doc, I asked to be the FIRST patient of the day so I wouldn't have to wait, even though that meant getting up at the butt crack of dawn to drive an hour to Grand Rapids to be there at 9 AM.  Well.  I got there at 8:50 for my FIRST APPT of the day, at 9AM, and I was patient number EIGHT on the sign in list.  So not only did he start seeing patients at 8 not 9, but he booked EIGHT patients an HOUR!!!  THEN not longer after I fired him, there was a big write up in the paper about this doc and how he had just added this amazingly plush, luxurious THEATER ROOM to his mansion.  Um, yah.  Now YOU'RE crazy too, aren't you???

6.  This should be number one.  People who don't do what they SAY they do or are going to do.  For example:  "I will do the dishes."  And there they sit.  Or "I hate people who $#$%&%$ swear."  Or, "I'll call you tomorrow" and the phone doesn't ring for 2 months.  I have a VERY simple solution for this:  Say what you mean, and mean what you say.  If you do those two things, you will never have this problem.

7.  Okay, I should probably find SOMETHING about ME that drives other people crazy.....  I use way too many !!!! and .... in my writing.  I'm a grammar Nazi to other people, but I KNOW my writing is technically quite flawed.

8.  I am extremely opinionated, and vocal about those opinions.  I have no problem telling people what I think when asked, and sometimes, if I feel strongly enough about something, even if I'm not asked.  I can't help myself.  I have a big mouth, and many time stick my nose where it doesn't belong.  Sometimes it's helpful, other times, not so much.

9.  It takes me FOREVER to get ready to go somewhere.  This drives ME crazy, but I  know it drives my hubby crazy too.  I have to get up, do my breathing treatment or steam, clean my trach, do my hair, do my make-up, pack my suction bag and any other medical garbage I might need, and it take usually like 2 hours to do this.

10.  I bounce my leg all the time.  I don't know why my MG doesn't effect this....but I have the ball of my right foot touching the floor, and just bounce my leg super fast.  I do this subconsciously at lot, and all of the sudden Doug will be like, "Will you STOP???"  And I'm like stop what???

SO....what makes YOU crazy????

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The Jammie Girl said...

How could I possibly have left insurance companies out of my list? I think I was just mentally blocking that particular circle of hell. I used to have an OB/GYN who often ran almost two hours behind. It was always because she was spending quality time with her patients, though, so I solved it by making friends with her office staff and calling them an hour or so before my appointment time to see just how late she was running that day so I'd know what time I REALLY had to show up.