Monday, November 17, 2008

Hunting Widow Bakes Herself to Death

Doug was out til almost 7:30 tracking a buck last night. He knew he hit it, found the blood trail, but it was so dark he couldn't find it. His little caveman headlamp thingy burned out, so he was stumbling around in the dark before coming in to get his spotlight and the tractor.

But he finally found it. I could tell because of the way he greeted the dogs:

First time he came in after looking and not finding the deer: "Moose! Get in here! Stay! Stop it! Back up! Get off me!"

After another hour of searching and finding the buck: "Hi guys! Are you my good puppies? Are you my good little doggies? {pet pet}"

SUCH a man.

I've been baking Christmas cookies. Lots and lots of Christmas cookies. Jacob likes to help dump stuff in the bowl, and the dogs love it! (We miss sometimes). It's been a long couple of days, I'll tell you that much! So now he has 2 deer, pretty good size ones, and the butchering will soon begin. Thank God it's cold. I always freak out when it's about like 45 cuz I'm thinking germs!! Oh, and of course last night we had to bundle up and go outside to take pictures of the dead animal. I have no problem with hunting, as it provides most of our meat, and saves lots of deer from getting creamed by cars or starving. Jacob thought it was pretty cool. I was like, here we go....

So hunting season lasts like 2 weeks or something, then muzzle loading.... so he'll get more deer. He always gets one for his parents...if we get extra we'll pass it around! Doug says it's going to be a hard winter because the deer had thicker layers of fat on them than he's ever seen down here. I'm like, LOVELY.

Also been making stuff with Jacob. We made a big shaker the other day (plastic cups decorated with tissue paper and stuck together with beans inside). Yesterday we made snowflakes and stained glass (you iron crayon shavings in between 2 pieces of wax paper). I'm NOT the artsy type, so all this is a stretch for me, but Jacob really likes it, so....

It's going to be a loooooong winter!!!


Joanna said...

I think you need some new hobbies you can do. I have no clue what that might be but just a thought.

Maybe like McTalking or something like that. hee hee :)

Joanna said...

Okay I have to ask - what does it mean that they have extra fat? I take it that's not good?

Kerri said...

The deer grow an extra layer of fat in the winter under their hides. Doug said the fat layer this year was thicker than he's ever seen down here. Up north (U.P. Escanaba) he saw it like this. He said it means there will be a hard winter.

And yes, I DEFINITELY need a McTalking day!!!!!!! I figure hubby will owe me a day out after all this deer stuff.

I really do appreciate that he loves to hunt though...he provides meat for us all year long. Well, God provides, but through him..ya know.

I'm working on cleaning, too. I'm going to have the cleanest house on the planet!

Laura said...

I admire anyone who can eat deer. I just can't do it. I've tried it and I can't get past it. If I think too hard about it, I have a hard time eating meat at all. Good thing I love vegetables!

If you need some new ideas for stuff to do with Jacob let me know. I have a bunch of them.

Kerri said...

Thanks, Laura! I'm looking on line and have a bunch of stuff, but in the middle of about January I'll probably be beggin for something!!

Yah, I try not to REALLY think about the deer. Doug cooks it so well that it takes like filet.

Leigh said...

I'm jealous - I love doing the melted crayons/wax paper thing!!!