Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Udderly great!

I know, I know....Punny.

Seriously...I called my trach doc and asked what the heck to put around my trach because it's so raw and sore from all my coughing and suction. They said "Bag Balm. You know, the stuff you put on cow udders."

Um, excuse me? Did you say COW UDDERS? And you want me to put this on my neck??? Now I'm a city kid, transplanted to the country. Apparently this stuff has been around longer than dirt, and EVERYONE knows it's fantastic for sores, burns, scrapes, whatever. Mooooove over antibiotic cream. Hardy har har. I kill me.

Anywho. My neck is still pretty sore...it's not as bad as yesterday; it's not as pins-and-needles-stabbing pain and more like bumped-and-bruised-and-swollen pain. Which really is better. I think I'm going to take it out and clean it again....Maybe I can reposition it a little bit so it's less sore. It's gonna hurt like a bugger going back in though. No fun!

Doug's out hunting again, surprise, surprise. I heard a shot a few minutes ago...don't know if it was him or not.

Well....that's it for now. Wish me luck with the cow cream.


Joanna said...

Fred tried using that stuff for his hands. He said it was really greasy - he didn't like it.

Hope it works for you!

Leigh said...

I used it all the time on the kids for diaper rash when they were little. We called it udder butter and it was fantastic. Hope it helps.

I'm glad you're not as sore. Happy Thanksgiving, sweetie! :)