Thursday, November 13, 2008

Stand Back

Well, as much as I hate Prednisone, it IS a miracle drug. Kind of the love-hate thing again. It works in so many situations where NOTHING else will, yet the side effects are horrifying.

After only ONE dose of Prednisone, my joints felt better the following morning. After two more doses, the pain was completely gone. The spots are almost gone, and my biopsies are healing nicely. They look pretty horrible right now, but I can tell they're healing correctly. I might have a little ripple in the research arm. I should have asked to see the size of the sample before I agreed!!! Nah, I would have done it anyway. If someone else can be helped by all the garbage I have been through, all the better!

On another health note, I got a letter the other day saying that because I am on disability, I have to start using Medicare as my primary insurance. AND PAY $97.00 a month for it!!! I was like WHAT?!?!?!?! Are you KIDDING me?!?!? I have fantastic insurance through Doug's work, and it only costs a little more than $97.00 for our whole family! I am NOT happy. I have to call the SS office and make an appointment to find out exactly what's up. Then, Doug has to change his insurance to 2 people (him and Jacob) with supplimentary for me, which will cost MORE that our plan right now, and half of my stuff won't be covered. Supposedly there is no prescription coverage. I spend $2500.00 a year in COPAYS...My CellCept is like $600.00 a month....I'm trying not to freak, because I know something will work out...but this is my worst nightmare. As far as supplimentary insurance, who the heck is going to take me with all my pre-existing conditions??? ARG. Not to mention they're going to cover that every 3 weeks??

At first I thought this was Blue Cross doing this, to scare us or something, but it's actually a federal mandate. FEDERAL. As in GOVERNMENT. Even though people just elected a Socialist president, I thought we still live in a capitalist, free-to-choose-at-least-our-health-insurance country. You know, the whole Land of the Free thing??

I'm just furious. As soon as I have all the details from SS, I will be writing every government office from City to County to State to Congress...I'll probably e-mail the dang president. The one we still have anyway.

Well, I better stop so I can put the fire out that's coming out my ears.
Oh, one more quick bit of advice...If you're healthy now, get life insurance. As soon as you get REMOTELY ill, you won't be able to get it from ANYONE at any cost.


Joanna said...

Oh ick. That is not cool.

I've told the Hubs about that life insurance and I get blown off.

Joanna said...

Oh yeah - go you! Get r done? You got r done! :)