Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First Day of School

YAY! Jacob is a little sponge. He LOVES to learn new things. When he KNOWS he knows something, it's hilarious. He says the answer at the top of his lungs. We did counting to 20, recognizing numbers to 20, went through all the sounds of the alphabet. Did mazes where you have to "help" the mouse find the cheese (or the frog find the lily pad, etc.) by connecting the numbers 1-10. He had the hardest time holding the crayon and connecting the lines...he can recognize numbers easily.

Two days ago I was changing his diaper, and he just says, out of the blue, "pig. P-I-G." I was like, HUH??? He spelled "web" a week or so ago. He is just so stinkin' smart. Of course, I'm sure I'm a bit bias, because he is MY baby, but...he JUST turned three...he's known all his colors for at least a year, and he knows all the shapes...pentagon, hexagon, octagon...he's amazing. He knows his street address, and we're working on the city, state and zip, along with his phone number. I made a list of goals for the end of this school year...the biggest one is that he will be reading. He's already spelling...he just takes my breath away. Everywhere we go where he sees letters he just starts saying them. It's hilarious.

And he wanted to keep going! I was getting worn out from talking so much at once, my voice was tired, my trach was getting a little sore...but the look on his face...it's AWESOME! And I fianlly get to use my teaching degree...ONLY 16 years after I received it!

Have a blessed day everyone!


Joanna said...

Should I tell you my kids use to know their colors in Spanish and now they can barely remember our telephone number? No? Got to love those teenage hormones as it ruins the brain. :(

But got for it! When they are into it cram it for all you're worth.

Joanna said...

That was suppose to be go for it. Stupid fast fingers.

Mimi said...

How awesome to have him be so smart.

I suffer from bi-polar disorder, so I'm off to check out the bloggin for invisible illnes.

I'm stopping by from SITS to welcome you to the family!

The Mom @ Babes in Hairland said...

That's great! It's so fun to see the progress in our kids - no matter how old.

Stopping by from SITS to welcome you aboard. have a great day.

Young Wife said...

Woo hoo! I'm so happy that school went well. I can't believe he knows pentagon and octogon. What a smart kid! And knowing his address is a great practical skill!