Saturday, August 22, 2009

True Character

I wonder why we think we can change without God's help. I wonder how we EVER think we can change others. I mean, we can mold our children, and we can mentor young adults, but once a person is who they have become, well, that's it. Unless God moves. And I ain't God, I can tell ya that much! And He ain't movin'. I know most of the time the Mov-ee needs to want to move, but we're talking about God, the mountain Mover!

I can't seem to get over the fact that I continue to believe that people will do what they say they will do. (I truly can't be the only one out there, can I???) GOD does what He says He will do...I have to get that through my thick head. I cannot depend on the word of another. I know people get caught up in their lives (Oh, before I go any further, I'm not talking about anyone who reads this blog, so don't send me e-mails of panic) and their focus can get myopic. I know my own focus can be myopic, especially when I'm not having such a good day (like today).

I know I'm not the only person on the planet who means what she says. I also say what I mean. So if I hear a crappy comment from someone directed toward me, I'm going to believe that's how they really feel...after all, the gospel of Matthew tells us that "out of the abundance of the heart, the man speaketh."

Lord knows I'm not perfect. Lord knows I've let people down. It's just the time and time again from someone who should be the soft place to fall. I mean, I really am learning that God is the ONLY One who can meet all my needs. I get that. But it would be nice to have a little compassion and understanding here on earth as well. Call me naive, but I thought that people who loved each other were supposed to be nice to each other. Why is that so much to ask? So much of this just does not seem like rocket science to me, and honesty with love THAT difficult? Is being a man or woman of character just SO impossible today? Is doing what you say you will do a foreign concept? It's like, if you don't mean it, just shut up. Don't tell me you'll do or be or are something you won't or aren't or can't. Just don't.

Thank God I know Who holds my future. I don't know what's going to happen, but I KNOW that "He who began a good work in me WILL carry it on to completion." Don't know how, but I've learned long ago that the how is so far out of your control ya might as well stop worrying about it. If God gives you a peek, great. If not, hang on for the ride.


Taryn said...

What a BEAUTIFULLY written and inspirational post! I am really moved by your message. What a lovely attitude you have about things. I admire you for that. You have such positive and high spirits! Thank you for sharing!!!

Stopping by from SITS and wanted to welcome you to the SITStahood! It's so great to have you on board!


Young Wife said...

Oh, girl. I am so with you. I am a very literal person. I wish Christians would make more of an effort to be kind, as in Ephesians 4:32.