Monday, August 24, 2009

Gone Fishin'

Yesterday we went fishing. It was a little chilly sometimes, but a LOT better than last week's blistering 95 degrees and 80% humidity. The fish were biting much better too. Last week I had to stay out on the lake until I caught ONE fish. This week I caught the first one...but JACOB caught the biggest one!

A "loud mouth bass!" It was 2 inches too short so we had to throw it back...I was bummed. BUT, we did catch a BUNCH of really nice bluegill...6-7 inches. Jacob kept "petting" them and picking them up out of the live well. It was hilarious. He's SO 3. He'd be playing with his trucks and smashing Cheerios on the deck one minute, then Daddy would tell him he had a fish on his pole, and he'd drop everything and book over there, all business. He reels the fish in by himself, and then Daddy grabs the landing net to scoop them up. He loves it. He has seen sport fishing on TV, so he pulls his fishing pole way up and then dips it forward and reels like crazy, then puuulllls it's completely hysterical. He's such a ham!

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Young Wife said...

How cute! What great memories you're making.