Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sensory Processing Disorder

Joy and Happiness....another thing to deal with! Yee-ha!

Whatever. Anywho. Jacob has Sensory Processing Disorder. I've been e-mailing the O.T. from Early On here in Allegan, and she has been very helpful. She is helpinig me on her own time, even though Jacob "aged out" of the program when he turned 3. She suggested some books to read, and I ordered them. I was like, hey, how do these people know my kid? He's exhibited some kind of quirky behavior, but now I have a name for it...some of the issues are:

*One volume level: loud (although he is a boy)
*Super busy 24/7 until he crashes for sleep
*Extremely picky eater
*Likes bumping into things on purpose
*Crosses ankles, stiffens up like a board, pushes on his tummy
*Rubs cuffs on sleeves, twirls hair (that's the latest)
*Loves to chew on inedible and inappropriate things
*Gags easily (this one is getting worse)

So he had his 3 year well child check up yesterday, and he's totally healthy...praise God! But for this SPD, which, hey, if this is all I have to deal with in his life, whoopee. Here's the thing: (Ashley, I'm Monk too!) A lot of the "therapy" for this is really physical stuff, which is very tough for me to do. We're talking every 2 hours. So we're workingon getting an O.T., and a dietician if necessary. I want to focus on the sensory part, which has everything to do with the eating part. The doctor, (and Doug) were more focused on the eating...Doug's like, "give us six months, we'll just have to be more forceful with what he eats) which is the exact thing to do if you want to make it worse. I don't want to obsess about it, but you can't ignore it either...this stuff can get worse and effect all other areas of his development, which I certainly don't want.

And of course, I feel guilty, because the reason he has this whole thing is from being in the NICU for 36 days. And he was in the NICU because he had MYantibodies from the MuSK+ MG in his system. SO yeah, Mommy guilt comes really easily on this one.

He is smart and wonderful and polite and perfect and all that good stuff. Honestly. There could be so much worse. I'm just a little overwhelmed right now, with home-schooling, trying to add in all these activities I'm supposed to do with him, plus singlehandedly get him to eat iron rich foods and potty train him. No problem. I AM superwoman after all.

So if you could say a prayer, that would be great.


Em said...

Prayers coming your way. My Youngest son has PKU - another one of those things they don't really prepare you for in "What to Expect."

You can do this, I know. People tell me all the time "I don't know how you do it" - but we're mommies, do we have a choice? Doesn't mean we don't get to vent about it :-)

He's absolutely beautiful - something about sweet little boys.

Welcome to SiTS!! Em

Joanna said...

Twirling hair is a sign of issues? Cwap. I mean that's just a habit right? Cuz that would be me. I don't think if have any...hey found some chocolate.

Hugs to ya.

Young Wife said...

I just said a prayer for you. My heart aches for you. Jacob is so blessed to have such a great Mommy! Love, Monkette.

Martha said...

Visiting from Sits. Prayers sent and Blessings to your beautiful son, you and your hubby.

Monique said...

Happy SITS Saturday!

So strange, I am from West Olive!

Prayers coming your way, good luck!

Anonymous said...

My son has SPD too - I read book and self-diagnosed when he was 3 and then had tests done. Sounds a lot like your kiddo. My son choked on a chip at age 4 and stopped eating ANY solid food for 6 months (finally got him on pediasure.) If you ever need to vent or need a mom who understands let me know. Josh started 1 st grade last week... another teacher to educate, but she seems okay. He started ta kwon do at an ATA (national) org and LOVES it and I wish I'd gotten him in at 3, so consider it. I think -they are all over and instructors have to take parenting classes, etc.

Email me any time. Are you one some yahoolists for SPD kids, they are helpful and I just blogged about a book today ironically - God has a sense of humor giving us chronically ill moms kids who the Out of Sync Child book describes as MORE MORE MORE!