Sunday, September 5, 2010

Consumer's Energy: You s#ck.

Dear Consumer's Energy,

I realize that you have a monopoly on power, and trust me, if I wasn't dependent on cool air, oxygen, a nebulizer and suction to live and breathe, I would tell you where to go and how to get there.

Friday morning, after a windy night, 2 power lines were very close together in my pear tree (that you were supposed to have cut down by now). Every time the wind blew, the power lines popped and you could see what looked like a bolt of lightning between the two lines. We were having a garage sale, and every time it popped people ducked. It sounded like gunshots.

I called at 9:19 AM. On Friday. The first time. Someone told me you would get somone out as soon as possible. Silly me thought that would be in a few hours. I called again 2 hours later. Yes, you had my report, and someone would be out soon.

I called 3 hours after that, and you even put in a second report, and ASSURED me that someone would be out FRIDAY yet. When no one had showed by 7:30 PM, I called again, and yet another customer service person assured me it would be "today," and said he was surprised that no one had been there yet! (You and me both buddy).

I did not sleep well Friday night, as you can imagine. I have a neuromuscular disease that requires me to keep my stress level at a minimum, and get plenty of rest. Thanks to you, my symptoms are exacerbated (oh, sorry, is that too big of a word?? They are getting worse).

Saturday morning I called at 9 AM. You would be there as soon as you had someone available. The wires continued to pop and arc. My second call Saturday did about as much good as the previous FIVE calls did.

Sunday, I didn't bother with you, because I really didn't want another lame song and dance, and it wasn't terribly windy, so I figured my house wouldn't burn down today.

Tomorrow (Labor Day) is supposed to be very windy, and yes, it is the last day of our garage sale.

What do I have to do to get someone out here? Get electrocuted? Call 911? Call the fire department? The media?

You are ridiculous. Your "service" is a joke. You can NOT tell me that in SIXTY hours, there has not been one truck available to come out and fix these wires. I am past irritated. I am past frustrated. I'm even passed scared. I am ANGRY. I am so angry. You don't give a crap if my house burns down and I think that's about the crappiest thing ever, because YOU are the only ones who could do a damn thing about it.

I will be contacting the person closest to God in your company, you can be assured of that. I will file a complaint with whomever I need to. I will do whatever it takes. You are a big company and act like you can just sh!t all over people. And you CAN! That's the frustrating part. We all need power.

May someone pee in your Wheaties, and may you experience the fear, frustration and anger that you have caused me.

Very,VERY Sincerely,

Your Less-Than-Number-One-Fan (but don't ARE number one on a different list I have!)


bluewhitelife said...

holy crap...that sounds way dangerous. Can you call the police/fire department? I mean, it's a fire hazard (a big, dangerous one.) Maybe they can a) fix it or b) sue the shiznit out of the power company or c) make the power company actually come. Keep us posted for sure!

CoconutPalmDesigns said...

I second what bluewhitelife says. I really hope it gets fixed today. I'm stressed for you reading that so I can only imagine how much worse you are feeling!

On a happier note, I hope your garage sale has gone really, really, well.

Cheers :-)
- Rainforest Mommy

Joanna said...

So any news?