Thursday, September 2, 2010

Finally Got Some Post-It's Out! is sponsoring the coolest thing. National Invisible Illness Awareness Week is September 13-19. The theme this year is "Each one can reach one." SO...we hit the town with our post-it notes. Here's me in the credit union parking lot checking out how this would work. I had a bunch of different saying on post-it notes, all with the website on the bottom.
This is actually the desk of the salesman we bought our new van from. He sold Doug his truck 15 years ago, and he is a Christian guy. He also has horrible chronic back pain. (So if you think of it, pray for Perky Knoll. Yup, Perky is his "real" name.) He wasn't by his desk, but saw us and came running...thought we were upset about something. So he let me put the note on his calculator anyway!

At Farm and Fleet, I put one on the 50lb bags of animal feed!

At Pamida (my favorite store in Allegan) I put one on the electric cart.

This is what it said:

Then I put one on the big box of a rocking chair.

I'm sure painters experience pain. Or know someone who does!

Many women are moms. If you're a Mommy and you have chronic illness, it can be tough! can help!

It was really cool to put these all over town. I really hope that SOMEONE will go to the website because of a note they found. That would be awesome.
On a totally different note...It rained most of the day for our garage sale, but there are always a few die-hard garage salers. We keep praying tomorrow will be better! So I'm MIA, you'll know why!


Young Wife said...

Yay! I like what you wrote. I left some post-its in Boscov's yesterday.

CoconutPalmDesigns said...

I love this idea and I hope it's successful and many people visit the site because of notes you've left!

Cheers :-)
- Rainforest Mommy