Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Think It's Time for that Tequila

I swear, between Consumer's (who DID call to apologize, by the way, AND put it in writing that they made a mistake...mmmm-hmm) Verizon and Direct TV, I just want to do some tequlia shooters and run off to the mountains. But alas.....ain't happenin'.

Verizon has been "working" on my connection problems for over a week, and this is what they have come up with so far: I am between 2 cell towers, just a tiny bit closer to one than the other. From my past history (sounds way more interesting than what they mean) I've been pinging between the two towers. The one that I am closest to is over capacity (too many users) and they are working on upgrading it. They are planning on having it done by the END OF THE YEAR. Are you smoking crack out of your ever loving mind???? Deep breath...deep breath. Oh, yeah, I can't TAKE a deep breath!

Then there is Direct TV. We have been "new" customers (as in never tried them before) since August 27, and we have had no less than SEVEN service calls. I called LAST Wednesday for another one, because they still haven't solved the problem, and they said the FIRST available agent would be here a week from that Saturday, (which is this Saturday) between 4 and 8 PM. Oh. My. Flipping. Word. I was like, do you realize we've been customers for all of 3 weeks? You're telling me you have NO ONE until 11 days from now? NO ONE?????

Frankly, I don't believe you. But that doesn't matter, because you have all the power and control over my TV so ppphhtttt on you.

Then I had a doctor appt. today (good thing they called to remind me yesterday because I had no idea) and started bawling when he asked me how I was doing. Nice.

I'm going to go eat supper now. And have a drink or 3.


Stitching For Serenity said...

This is why I decided to go with.... timewarner cable phone/internet. Not ONE problem since. Seriously, not one. Been nothing but the best. I hope it comes to pass soon for you. I can chug back some h20shooters but that's about it for this gal. Hug. Tammy

Joanna said...

Sooo when are we running away?

Young Wife said...

Oh, my! You need some decent customer service, girl! Hope things get better soon.

Karin said...

We signed up for DISH TV probably the same day you signed up for Direct TV. We had 3 different installations, 'cuz it took that long/many to get it right, but only one service call since. When I called Direct just for pricing & info, I got the run-around you are now getting, and that's about the only reason I went with Dish. Pfffft on them ALL! I feel for ya! We go to Mexico next week - how many bottles do ya want!!?