Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Never Again To Use Dried Beans

Oh good gracious. I decided to buy dried northern beans instead of the jarred kind for making white chili. NEVER AGAIN!!! Oh my GOSH! I soaked them according to the directions...exactly. THEN, they were in the crockpot for like 5 hours....dinner Monday night: NOT ready. The beans were will still hard as pebbles. Doug scrounges some boxed pasta and frozen meatballs (which trust me, after homemade pasta, is HIDEOUS!).

So after being in the crockpot ALL night, they're still hard, but starting to soften a LITTLE. They cooked ALL day. A total of like 29 hours. Dinner night number 2: BURNED. Doug scrounged something else. Thank God for boxed rice and frozen chicken. AAAHhhhhh!!!!!! I'm never buying dried beans again...except for art projects!

On a completey different note, I heard back from the neurologist, and they want me to double my cyclosporine. I'm a little nervous about that because of the horrible charlie horses I have been having. So, I'm am asking that you please pray that I can double the meds without any further side effects. Yesterday was kind of a bad day for arms and hands especially.


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Patty Ann said...

You need a pressure cooker. We only buy dried beans now. They are so much less expensive than the canned ones. The pressure cooker doesn't care how old or hard they are. It makes them soft and completely edible. If you really want to make it easy, you jar them in canning jars and use those when you want something fast and yummy with no preservatives. Sorry about your beans. Hope you don't have any trouble with the medications!!