Sunday, April 1, 2012

Another Quick Update

Well, I get to look forward to NO doctors or dentist appointments, no treatments, no surgeries, no tests...until vacation, and then it's alllllll relaxin' time.

The trach is doing MUCH better.  Just this morning when I cleaned it there was minimal pain.  HALLELUJAH!  SO much better.  Yikes.

The pheresis from Friday is still draggin' me down.  It was run slower, and there was a different brand of albumin (or it was in a different bottle at least).  I'm hoping I'm just psyching myself out about the different albumin and that it really doesn't matter.  I know some people with MG who get IVIG need a specific brand or they don't get the same benefits or have worse side effects.  With me, it's how fast I run.  I can't run at 80 or 90, A) because it takes all dang day and B) it seems like the longer I'm on the machine the worse I feel.  Friday I ran at about a 90 average.  Phhhht.

Anywho.  Check out my jewelry site:  New promo:  From now until April 11 (I leave for vacation soon after, and have to get the house sitter all situated, pack etc.) free key fob with any $25.00 purchase, special orders not included.  Happy shopping!

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