Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Snake Story (From NC)

Okay.  So.  We are on vacation in the Outer Banks, with my sistah Cindy and her hubby Rickey.  Well, turns out Rickey's kinda fond of snakes.  So fond, in fact, that when he found one right outside our door, he decided to put it in a box in their closet for safe-keeping until he could bring it somewhere safe to release it.  (Away from people mostly).

So Rickey decides we should see the snake.  He brings it out.  I FREAK.  I mean, start to hyperventilate, run for my life  walk away quickly, and that kind of thing.  Jacob thinks it's cool, and wants to pet it.  I'm like, have at it! (Rickey knows about snakes and that this was definitely NO danger to anyone).

So Jacob pets it and is all excited.  Doug, at the kitchen sink, says to ME, "I'll buy you ANYTHING you want if you let Rickey put that snake around your neck."

I'm like, "Are you serious??  Anything??"

Doug says, "Anything."

Well, I need a new computer.  Badly.  Up until now, he's put the kibosh on it.  So I was like, "Swear."  And he's like, "I swear." 

Well.  That's all I needed to hear.  I walked over, told Rickey to put it around my neck, but he better not dare let go!  And of course we needed photographic proof, so that SOMEONE can't back out on the deal (plus I did have 2 witnesses....3 including Jacob).

So......drumroll please......

I do NOT know what possessed me to do this.....

Someone said, "SMILE!"  I was like, "I'm going to pass out and you want me to SMILE???"
Like I said, I wanted a new computer reeeeaaalllly bad.  Obviously.  I had to touch the snake, that was part of the deal.  It wasn't even that big of a snake, but it started coiling around my hand and I could feel how strong it was.  It was surprising. 

Afterwards, I FREAKED.  I was hopping and jumping and shaking and flipping out and ran to the sink and scrubbed my hands like 20 times.... My hands were shaking, my heart was pounding....can you say adrenaline?

But I did it.  And it's a good thing too, because yesterday I turned my computer on and the monitor is all messed up. So Thursday I have 2 appointments in Grand Rapids, and then, I'm going computer shopping!


CoconutPalmDesigns said...

Wow! Umm... congratulations??? on the new computer. lol Your face in those pictures is priceless.

Cheers :-)
- CoconutPalmDesigns

Erin said...

I found you on SITS girls. Oh my gosh you are BRAVE! I don't think I could have put a snake around my neck!

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

I'm not sure I can do that... not even for a new computer, but good for you! Last summer, we were in Holden Beach (NC) and as we were getting out of the car, the dad of the family we were with picks up some sort of lizard that looks like a snake. Then his daughter picked it up and its tail broke off in her hand. I about died. The only thing that kept me from climbing on top of the car and screaming was that my own children were on the phone with their dad and I didn't want the conversation to go, 'And Mamma is on top of the car screaming!"

Happy SITS Day!

Eclipsed said...

I think wrapping a snake around you for a new computer is a good deal!

Happy Sits Day!

Kristi said...

LOL Love that picture! So funny! Happy SITS day!

The Jammie Girl said...

I am TERRIFIED of snakes. I mean we totally skip the reptile house at the zoo because I can't handle it. But for a new computer, well, I'd probably throw up afterward, but I think I'd be with you on this one!

Christa aka The BabbyMama said...

Way to face your fears! I love the pictures :)

Venessa said...

Awww, Kerri, what a brave thing to do! I mean, I wouldn't do it...not even if hubby was dangling a new computer, new car, new house, new ANYthing in front of me as motivation! Proud of you, little MG/Trach Sister ~ you are my hero! (But, I still don't intend to get "up close and personal" with ANY slithering critter! Love you! Suzi

Cynthia Hanna said...

Found you via SITS Girls too. Your pics are priceless! And a new computer? Yup, it would be worth it ;)
Our illnesses and symptoms may be different but I love finding positive voices/perspectives and inspiration - so I'm glad to have discovered your blog!

Fire Wife said...

Congrats for facing a fear! That's awesome!

And the new computer doesn't hurt, either, does it?

{{ stopping by from SITS }}

Donna Perugini said...

What a way to get a computer! Happy for you especially since it began shutting down.

Hope your new computer is everything you wanted!

Tiffany said...

Stopping by from SITS.

I am laughing hysterically over the look on your face! I love snakes and played with them all the time as a little girl. Then I worked with all kinds (pythons, mostly) as a volunteer at the Philly Zoo. But my husband hates them and nothing, and I mean nothing, I could offer him would ever get him to even touch one, let along put it around his neck.

So good for you! And yay for a new computer!

Motivated Mommy of two said...

OMG!! I hate snakes I think I would not even touch any snakes for a computer but congrats to you and have fun shopping

Anonymous said...

Well... you're either very brave or very crazy. I'm so scared of snakes... although I think I would have done it too, because I seriously need a new computer. So well done :)

Amy said...

Kerri - you are my hero!!! I would probably do this for a new computer too - but, you actually DID it - I love it!!