Thursday, May 24, 2012

Garage Sales!! AHHHHH

I do not know why I do things sometimes.  Like have garage sales with no help besides Doug.  I mean, we help each other, obviously, and he has to do all the HARD work, like moving everything out, but I price almost everything, and I'm out there allllll day. 

Yesterday was HOT.  And I'm not so crazy about the heat.  Neither is my MG.  It got to about 90, and today is supposed to be hotter.  And I'm sittin' in a garage.  Whoo-to the Hoo!  I have a little fan, and today I'm parking my butt right in front of it.  If it gets TOO bad I'll have to come in for a while.

Jacob was a trooper yesterday.  We started on Wednesday from 3-9PM.  Figured the working class might like first digs at a garage sale for once.  The sale "officially" started at 3, according to the ad, but people started coming about 1:30, and I'll bet we had seen 100 people by 4PM.  CRAZY.  But staying open til 9 was kinda crazy.

Then, we had a psycho lady freak out and it involved cars parking and crashes and all kinds of fun stuff....but I will save that for another day... (Don't ya just LOVE me??)  I'll try to get it on tomorrow... crazy things seem to happen around me....Makes for good blog fodder I suppose!

OH, and Doug shot me in the neck yesterday!  I'll tell ya about that too.  Stay tuned....!

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misssrobin said...

Can't wait to hear the rest.

I hope you have recovered from yesterday and that today is cooler and more pleasant than expected. Good luck. Take care of yourself.