Sunday, May 13, 2012

Letters On Mother's Day

Dear Mom,

Not until I had my own child did I even BEGIN to comprehend the true sacrifice a mother makes.  And you had FIVE children!  I know now how much you must have given up to have given us all that you did.  Not that it’s not worth it, because the blessings I receive from one little boy are tremendous.  I hope that you had that times five!

You are a blessing.  You are a true example of self-LESS-ness.  You are truly a gift from God.  When I was in the hospital, having you there gave me so much peace.  Your prayers for me are something I will treasure til the last breath I have on this earth.  I love you with all of my heart, and hope that this Mother’s Day you understand how precious you are.  You are THE best mom ever.

Dear Jacob,

Mother’s Day used to break my heart.  It seemed that everywhere I looked, someone had a baby or child or children…except me.  My illness had prevented me from having babies…until God performed a miracle.  You, my precious, brilliant, beautiful child, are MY miracle.  A personal gift from God Himself.  I don’t know what I ever could have done that was so amazing that God gave me you.  You truly are the light of my life.  I will love you forever, and ever, and always.  To the moon and back.  My precious boy.

And to those of you whose moms have gone on, to those who yearn for children yet do not have them; to those of you who have lost children, and those of you who for whatever reason this day brings pain:  to you I say a special prayer that God would heal the hurt, and give you a special peace and blessing this day.

Happy Mother’s Day To All!

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Margaret said...

I loved your letters!!!!! I haven't been around in forever so I wanted to make sure that you okay and having a great day!