Monday, May 28, 2012

Super Glue and Super Blasters

So we had a visitation to go to last Monday.  Jacob got to go to see a "REAL" soccer game, because he went to Miss Lori and Mr. Steve's house, and their daughter had a soccer game.  They watched Jacob for us so we could go to the funeral home.  I didn't want to explain the open casket, etc., when he knows that people go to heaven...but then seeing the person in there.....Plus, he's 5 1/2...who needs that much reality at 5?? I posted previously, Jacob was the recipient of a GINORMOUS nerf dart gun.  Well.  The other night, Doug was messing around (as usual....seriously, I have 2 children), and shooting Jacob, and Jacob was shooting back.  I was clear across the room cleaning my trach.  Now, cleaning my trach requires the sticking of Q-tips into the trach tube to clean it out.  Yup.

So I glance up at the shrieking and howling utterances of pure joy from my two boys, and see Doug taking aim at me.  Three words:  "Don't. You. Dare."

Well I might as well have said "fire when ready", because he PULLED THE TRIGGER, and a nerf dart flew 20 feet and nailed me right in the neck.  About 1/2 inch from my trach.  Oh. My. Gosh.  I was ready to bludgeon him.  It left a mark and everything.  Ug.

Then, two days ago I was trying to make this gorgeous necklace by gluing a bead cap/bail on the end of a smoky quartz tumbled rock that we tumbled and polished ourselves...It was going to be SO beautiful.  Well, the first step requires gluing in a headpin to make a loop for the chain to go through so you can make a necklace.  (Think of a very thin long straight pin.) So I put the glue in there, put the headpin in, and all of the sudden, I've got 3 fingers stuck together.  And I mean STUCK.

Doug and Jacob were gone, so it was just me and the dogs.  I couldn't really call anyone for help because I only had one hand....can't hold the phone, dial, talk, etc. with just one hand.  So I used about 1/2 bottle of nail polish remover because I had no idea where the paint thinner was, and I was determined to fix this myself.  Mmmm-hm.

About 30 minutes later, half stoned from acetone fumes, I am finally free from the dreaded headpin and have all my digits, including all their skin!  I still had superglue on my fingertips though (briefly concluded that if I committed a crime that day I wouldn't leave fingerprints....) but there again, like I have the cajones to commit a crime.  I'd probably pee my pants.  Wait, I do that anyway with the MG...

Anywho.  About 17 washes and scrubs with Lava soap and I was mostly glue free.  And so it goes....

What have YOU been up to??

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misssrobin said...

Nothing anywhere near as exciting as you! I'm glad you got your fingers apart. And I hope you're planning revenge for the dart.