Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day Letters

Dear Dad,

Growing up is hard.  Even at 41, you're still my Daddy.  Of course, being the baby of the family doesn't hurt either.  I know we butted heads sometimes when I was younger (no, really!), but I sure appreciate all the work that you did so I could have all of the things that I had.  A private education kindergarten through college.... Who gets that?  Parents who have been married for 54 years!  Who gets that??  I know there were probably times that you were ready to rip your hair out.... especially with 4 daughters and one bathroom!

My favorite memory is sitting on your lap in your chair when I was about 4 years old.  I thought you hung the moon.  (Even though I know now that God did, sometimes I still do....)

I think what I love most about you is that under the gruff exterior, you have the biggest heart.  Remember when I brought that idiot home and asked if he could sleep in the garage?  You gave me money to pay for a hotel room for him because you didn't want him to sleep in the street. (Although he probably deserved it.)   You always gave people a chance, or two, or three....even when they didn't deserve it.  You exemplified grace and now I see it so clearly.

And somehow, even though I never went with you or anything, your heart for Prison Ministry was passed along to me.  You demonstrated what it means to remember "the least of these."  And that is so very important to me, especially now.  Thank you for always being there, even when I was a belligerent kid with a mouth that wouldn't stop.  I love you and appreciate you and thank God you are my dad.

Forever your Little Girl,

Dear Douglas,

It's crazy how life works out.  Six weeks after we get married I end up in the hospital, and you stayed.  You could have walked away.  But you made a commitment. You took a vow, an oath before God, and you kept it.  God will honor you for that.

I remember wanting to adopt so badly, but you wanted a biological child.  I couldn't see what the big deal was, because I could love any child!  But you knew.  God knew.  We had to go through everything we did to have our Jacob.  And what would I do without him?  He is crazy brilliant, and so, so clever, just like his Daddy.

Have you seen the way he looks at you?  His world revolves around you.  Sure, he loves his Momma, but can do no wrong.  He wants to do what you do, be where you are, and grow up to be just like you.  And I pray to God he does.

Thank you for being the man, the husband, and the father that you are.  I love you with all of my being.
Sweet Pea.


jamie said...

What beautiful letters! You are so blessed with great dads in your life...

Rachel said...

I truly enjoyed today's post. You have three very special men in your life. I miss my parents very much every day. But it's even harder when those special holidays come along. Thank you for sharing yours with me today!